Where are you' exclusive revelations about abducted childrens living environment Blackie Ko House dark oppression

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Directed by Fan Haolun director, King Ke , Fan Haolun starring crime beat "where are you " reflected in the country. The film tells the story of Wang Nan (table tennis) , a young mother who has abducted and sold children in crisis in a small town. The young mom Wang Nan (table tennis) , who lost her child in depth, went deep into the ranks of traffickers to find her daughter fish. At the same time, the local police also obtained many criminal cases of trafficking Clues, thousands of miles Wanli Wanzi story. It is reported that the director Fan Haolun prepared for the film for nearly four years, the film is based on the true story of the adaptation of the fourth Vancouver Film Festival won the Best Film Award, Best Female Award, Best Director Award, Best Best Photography Award four awards. A few days ago, director Fan Haolun also exposed a group of photos of " Blackie Ko House, a kid who kidnapped children," arousing great social concern.

It is learned that in order to make the film more realistic to reflect the living environment of the abducted children, Fan Haolun has also placed the film's key code in the basement of an abandoned landfill, and the basement was just the first to "imprison children who have been banned" many years ago on site. For more than 30 years, the underground space of the old building has been filled with many "lattice huts", some with less than 4 square meters and no windows, just like Blackie Ko's. Cooked pots and pans with good bottles and jars placed in small aisle messy lights, air pollution, the environment dirty and chaotic; and Blackie Ko house layout is also very simple, blank interior walls, Chen Chihi - The Original Acupuncture: A New Healing Paradigm 's cushions and toys make it hard to imagine the darkest days of how many children who were crucified thousands of miles away.

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