December 2, Zhengzhou, meet young bestseller Tong Liu!

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Some people can not see only for a while, and next time.

But slowly, he realized that some people separated for a lifetime.

What is most unfortunate is that people often do not know,

Which time is the last time meet each other.

Many people are like turbid water,

After a period of sedimentation to distinguish what they mean to themselves,

And growth is all the details of life precipitated a different taste.

- "I'll wait for you in the future"

Like many people, young best-selling author

Tong Liu bare:

These years, the dialogue with ourselves,

Never stopped before.

So in his 36 year old this year,

he thinks:

"If you meet 17-year-old himself,

What will I say to him? "

Everyone's youth is different, some crazy, some pure. Everyone's youth are the same, into love, into spelling, into sorrow, invest to prove himself. This book has aroused the courage of many readers who are confident and courageous when they were young. Someone said, "He can make all things that we think we can not go over. He can make us dare to speak like brave straight expression, he can make our unknown story into the most dazzling star in youth." Yes, I am waiting for you in the future, December 2, Zhengzhou, we will eventually meet.

Tong Liu "I am waiting for you in the future" book sharing

Time: 15:00 on December 2

Location: Zhengzhou Zhongyuan Book Building echo Museum

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