Jerry Yan Lin Chi-ling composite?

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Just after the double eleven, single dogs were another wave of crit, following the big cloth and super kill women, Bieber and Miss Gome complex, yesterday Jerry Yan and Lin Chi-ling also boarded the microblogging hot list Is it really as you said, go all out or you?

Local media outlets in Taiwan and Malaysia broke on the 10th Jerry Yan appeared low-key in Kuala Lumpur's second airport. Before long, Lin Chi-ling was photographed with the man at the hotel, and both were dressed in black lovers.

On the 11th, another photo taken by netizens, Lin Chi-ling and Jerry Yan in the gym. In the photo, they all appeared in the gym dressed in all-black sportswear. Lin Chi-ling signed a document at the counter. Jerry Yan stood behind her. Although the woman's hair covered her face and the man only had her back, it was not hard to see that they were Two.

This broke the news not only users are not calm, the media could not stand, the media found Lin Chi-ling's broker for Lin Chi-ling and Jerry Yan two people is not in Kuala Lumpur with the confirmation, the broker said that Times they did not follow in the Chi Ling, the specific situation is not clear. Brokers said they did not know, rather than deny, such an answer, so netizens have speculated that the two are not really together.

On the early morning of the 12th, Lin Chi-ling sent a micro-blog with a good night out and looked very happy.

Subsequently, netizens have also said that this is entirely a boyfriend perspective ah

In fact, the two were combined burst is not groundless, after all, although the two have been breaking up but there is still contact. In an interview, Jerry Yan replied to a reporter's question about whether or not to recombinate, saying that it depends on Chi Ling's meaning. This is also Jerry Yan's first response to Lin Chi-ling's compound.

In February of this year, Lin Chi-ling attended the event when asked whether it would compound with Jerry Yan, but also revealed that they have been in contact, this matter depends on Jerry Yan.

In addition, in January, users were also screened out from Will Liu 's microblogging. Lin Chi-ling and Jerry Yan attended the same event.

This can not help but remind Xiaobian as early as the beginning of the year, some people broke the news that two people will be secretly married in Bali, and even came out already made good wedding. This rumor also caused no small sensation at the time.

Lin Chi-ling's studio once responded publicly to the question of whether or not to fall in love, and Lin Chi-ling would tell everyone if something really good happened. Although Lin Chi-ling did not respond this time, Jerry Yan responded yesterday: "I am very happy to be connected. I have sincerely looked after each other. I saw the report and I hope everyone will give some room for it."

Finally, Xiao Bian or blessing two, going around for 15 years, as users said: "how long are not too late, as long as the last is you like."

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