Undercover superstar' gold supporting team exposure Stephen Chow Queen green leaf reunion

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Directed by Vincent Kok , Eason Chan , Li Ronghao , Li Yitong starring comedy action movie " undercover star ", will be December 8 nationwide release. Eason Chan and Li Ronghao, both the "Most Entertaining Portfolio of the Year" and the new generation of actress Li Yitong, have been highly anticipated in the film. In addition, Zhijia Cui , Mainland comedy talent, Hui Shiu , TVB Gold Supporting Actor -hung , Stephen Chow Queen comedy team Danny Chan Kwok-Kwan , Lam Chi-Chung , Zheng Jifeng , starred in too many for the reputation of Wilfred Lau , as well as in " SPL had a strong showing action star Chris" series Collins composed of gold supporting team, triggering netizens memories kill at the same time, also won wide acclaim users, injected a shot for the film.

"Undercover superstar" "Golden Supporting Actor" Danny Chan Kwok-kwan

"Undercover superstar" "Gold supporting role" Vincent Kok

Stephen Chow Queen Supporting Reunion Memories Kill Mainland Comedy Genius Funny Upgrade

The film Undercover Star tells the story of Eason Chan as KungFuHustle star Leopard is suspected of being associated with the Thai gangsters. The police design undercover (Li Ronghao ornaments) to go undercover exploration of the truth, did not expect to involve a series of "can not say the secret" . Outside the main line of the story, Wang Shifu, the top Hong Kong policeman played by Hui Shiu-hung, Tai Wan, a leopard broker by Danny Chan Kwok-kwan, a deputy director of "unspoken rules" by Zhijia Cui, and Thailand, starring Zheng Jifeng Gangster boss Bamei Buddha, Lam Chi-chung plays the Hong Kong peddler, Wilfred Lau plays "Leopard class" martial arts guidance also formed the super-strong gold supporting the movie lineup, each character is to promote the development of the main line, either Modeling or comedy performance, have contracted a lot of jokes.

"Undercover superstar" "Golden Supporting Actor"

"Undercover star" "gold supporting role"

Directed by Vincent Kok, Stephen Chow has repeatedly collaborated with Stephen Chow, directed the classic comedy " ForbiddenCityCop ", "Happy Family 2009" and so loved by the audience, this time in the movie, Stephen Chow Queen supporting team reunion again: KungFuHustle "ax to steal the spotlight in the performance of the main help Danny Chan Kwok-kwan," Shaolin soccer "in Stephen Chow's Liu Shidi Chi-Chung Lam," Aquamarine "where the villain" bald Zheng "Zheng Jifeng, who starred in" Iron Chef "," An ingenious courtship "and many other film director Vincent Kok also personally guest appearances. For comedy lovers, full of memories kill.

In addition, Zhijia Cui, an inland comedy who participated in many works such as "Laughter Conference Room" and " JianBingMan ", was invited to join the film. Director Vincent Kok said bluntly that Zhijia Cui joined Eason Chan and Li Ronghao as " Ge atmosphere. " Stephen Chow Queen supporting actress partner comedy witty comedy upgrade, people on the movie "laugh fruit" double expectations.

"Undercover superstar" "Gold Supporting Actor" Lam Chi-chung

"Undercover superstar" "Gold supporting role" Wilfred Lau

Chinese and foreign actors and actresses join forces mad "child abuse" Eason Chan Li Ronghao

"Undercover superstar" as a comedy action movie, in addition to comedy part of the funny upgrade, the action part also has Chinese and foreign action films behind the golden combination. Danny Chan Kwok-kwan, a famous Hong Kong action actor, and Chris Collins, a foreign actress who performed well in the movie "The Wolf in the Thrush," have joined forces to offer a wonderful fight, high-altitude fighting, blasting and jumping off ... Make your adrenaline skyrocketing outside of downtown. Many of the playwrights with Eason Chan Li Ronghao also seized the opportunity to "abuse" a two-starred actress in the film. After filming Eason Chan, she was 20 pounds and Li Ronghao was directly hit Into the hospital. Eason Chan also said: "Because I have no martial arts experience, there is no basic skills, but Chris Collins is a lot of martial arts master, I am grateful to teach me a lot."

"Undercover superstar" "Golden Supporting Actor" Chris Collins

"Undercover superstar" "gold supporting role" Zhijia Cui

In addition to the action actor, the film also invited Jimmy Hung , the second son of Hong Kong's leading martial arts instructor Sammo Hung , to act as the action director, strictly guaranteeing the real effects of action play. Director at the previous profile conference on the action movie praised the film: "Jimmy Hung is very good at people who would not have taken the martial arts is good-looking, very persuasive." The director said with a smile, the film producer Paco Wong When he looked, he once did not believe that the part of the fight was done by Eason Chan himself.

"Undercover superstar" by East Ear Film, Sun Entertainment Culture, United View Entertainment Culture, Shanghai Thousand Flags Produced by Vincent Kok, Paco Wong, Producer Xie Guohao, Eason Chan, Li Ronghao, Li Yitong starring, Zhijia Cui, Danny Chan Kwok-kwan, Wilfred Lau, Chris Collins, Cong Li and other strength to join, on December 8 nationwide release.

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