Dilraba dilmurat lady of the golden eagle tong zhang' opening hot counting of the four highlights of the 2018 golden eagle festival

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Linkeddb News October 26& have spent Recently, the 12th China golden eagle TV art festival and 29th China TV golden eagle awards ceremony were successfully concluded in changshaWang Gang (actor), Xi Meijuan , Tong Zhang , Qin Lan ,Lu Yi (actor), Yin Tao , Quan Yuan ,Han Xue (actress), Sha Baoliang And so many star actors, and many audience friends, together with the Chinese TV people shengju.

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& have spent The golden eagle festival in 2018 is full of highlights, starting with golden eagle goddess kaliba, and seeing emperor Tong Zhang showing revolutionary strength Yi Zhang , Li Yifeng Both won the award for "favorite actor of the audience". Every single frame and every single scene attracted netizens.

First, our golden eagle goddess Zhi Zhou Every year, the battle of the golden eagle gods is quite fierce. The goddess of the golden eagle is the image logo of the golden eagle TV festival, whose hands hold the soaring golden eagle, marking the soaring wings of Chinese TV dramas. So far, Liu Yifei , Li Xiaolu , Luodan Wang , Liu Shishi , Zhao Liying , Tiffany Tang Has served as the goddess of the golden eagle, and at the time of the 2018 golden eagle poll, the actor Zi Yang The voice is also very high, but finally with this lost arm, the golden eagle goddess flower falls Dilraba Dilmurat At that time, there was a lot of war. But it has to be said that the golden eagle goddess wearing gold hot ba noble and dazzling, more in the golden eagle festival won the "favorite actress award", "the most popular actor award" double trophies, its strength cannot be underestimated.

Then there is Tong Zhang, who won the flying emperor award several months ago. Actor Tong Zhang performed the battle of xiangjiang in the stage play with Xi Meijuan in the opening ceremony. Site why native place, life is everywhere, castle peak "sung verses, atmosphere reached its climax, the scene broke into thunderous applause, Tong Zhang Xi Meijuan teacher of interpretation as if suddenly took us to the war-torn s, together with tens of thousands of children, our revolutionary hero shed their valiant passionate time, but touched countless netizens! Many netizens said: "the performance of tongge directly attacking people's hearts made me remember the revolutionary ancestor Chen shuxiang, who is a real hero that The Times can't forget." "This Section red The stage play brought the atmosphere to a climax Tong Xie Elder brothers mood show revolutionary force, keep in mind history, remember revolutionary martyr, they are the most lovely person!" "Seeing the cooperation between tongge and Xi Meijuan again, my eyes immediately turned red. I would like to thank the soldiers who fought for the country and the nation. Your fearless efforts are indispensable to our happy life today."

In addition, Yi Zhang, an actor who has attracted much attention this year, was nominated by Tong Zhang and Yi Zhang in the previous best actor award at the flying apsaras awards. In the battle of wits between Tong Zhang and Yi Zhang, Tong Zhang won the emperor but Yi Zhang missed out, and netizens expressed their pity. This time, Yi Zhang in golden eagle festival Feather to heaven "Won the audience's favorite actor award for his excellent acting, which many netizens said deserved.

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Then there is Li Yifeng, who won the audience's favorite actor award this year with Yi Zhang, for her work Spatzen "Li Yifeng won the award for outstanding performance. Li Yifeng's performance has been controversial in recent years, but along the way everyone can see his great progress. Especially since Spatzen, Li Yifeng's performance has been widely recognized. Meanwhile, he said, "I will never forget my original intention and keep working hard.

This year's golden eagle festival is full of stars and highlights. These are some of the hottest spots in recent history. Please share with us

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