Jordan Chan does not want his son in the entertainment business after mixing' Papa 5 'no longer appear

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After "Dad Goes 5", Jordan Chan 's soft-blooded son Jasper sucks innumerable powder, there are netizens ridiculed, my parents are so temper, so Jasper has to be gentle, and I feel like "Daddy 5" is more like Is Jordan Chan deformable meter, stay young son with a temper father to experience life. At present, "Dad Go 5" has been broadcast for five times. Before that "Chaotiaojiao" Koharu Dadun was transformed into a gentleman with a small spring, and Jasper was completely indifferent to drowsiness.


The latest issue of the program, Jordan Chan is more challenging one person with five baby picking fruit, looks very careless little spring face five Mengbao became super caring, before picking fruit for everyone to popularize safety knowledge, but also to appease everyone not to be afraid There is father here. In the face of separation difficulties with my father, ah hum, Koharu Dad is even lower the body all kinds of hum hum happy.

 Jordan Chan

Jordan Chan, more and more like my father, friends are relieved, some people expressed congratulations on Jasper Jordan Chan transformation success.


After all, Jordan Chan was a famous but gentle father for three seconds.


Little spring that knows where to go to "where does dad go?"


The first two small spring is like this.




Gentle but three seconds of Jordan Chan basically every day against the little spring angry.

 Jordan Chan 发怒



Netizens and mothers look forward to the small spring is like this!


But each Jordan Chan hot temper, the little spring is not crying noisy, calm calm calmly toward the father said: "Can you stop angry now?" Jordan Chan temper see so easily stand up.


Another example is that other people's dad are the first to carefully feed their own baby and then hungry, to the spring and small spring here, the style immediately Qingqi up: Small spring can only look at my father blithely, his side swallowed Wait until Dad left the food quickly picked up a few mouthfuls.


Not only gentle to daddy, but also take great care of his own small partner, to see uh huh cry, soothe immediately and say I'll give you a chocolate!


Maybe it was infected by a gentle little spring, and after several years of running-in, Jordan Chan finally grew up.


Dad changed to see the small spring has returned to the state of small warm sun, the relationship with my father is getting closer together.



 Jordan Chan

Separated from father, began to miss father.


Regardless of ignoring the eating dragon fruit, until it is time to eat face, remember to take care of the face.



Jasper, who is so sunny, tender and considerate, has daddy dads five times and many advertisers have come in, but Jordan Chan said, "I do not want my son to be too old in showbiz. Will take all business activities and interviews, at most occasionally photographed his son's video uploaded to the community website, so that fans quench their thirst.

 Jordan Chan 父子

In fact, not only Jordan Chan, another national father Will Liu also said that "Dad where to 5" after the broadcast, the little princess innocent little princess image provoked all netizens love, but he did not want a small puff As early as the showbiz, Will Liu said "Too tired, now to record daddy 5 Every time I let her think everything is fun, do not let her think she is at work, because she is not necessary, I do not want her to do so. She will not deliberately let her do what kind of things or things, so that she can grow in a very natural environment. "


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