To stop Wang Feng (singer) headline users concocted a Louis Koo Amber Kuo romance farce!

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Each time Wang Feng (singer) a hair microblogging, entertainment there must be a major event!

 Wang Feng (singer)

Sure enough, just after Wang Feng (singer) launched a new microblogging publicity song, users will be sent to Louis Koo and Amber Kuo hot search, how many people and Xiaobian saw the news when the face of the capital Incredible it!




As Xiaobian worked overtime to search for more real hammer, Amber Kuo broker issued a rumor, "For today's Internet rumors are false news, please do not worry too much," then Amber Kuo forwarding said "do not Bother ", denied love. (So, you can go away) Later, many users comments: Although it is not true, but still hope you both together? There are humanity out of the "truth": some people do not want Wang Feng (singer) headlines this scene, distressed Wang Feng (singer).


 Louis Koo  Amber Kuo

Since it is not real hammer, Xiaobian think it is necessary to talk with everyone now 47-year-old Louis Koo, Louis Koo can be said that the entertainment gossip insulator, debut more than 20 years, except when young girlfriend, Louis Koo The only girlfriend I've ever admitted is Natalie Wong . (At the age of 20, Louis Koo was jailed for a year and asked her friends to help take care of her girlfriend. I did not expect the last good friend to be good with my girlfriend. Later, Louis Koo was released from prison and was starred in the street Found to enter the entertainment, the fire up.)


Who is Natalie Wong? " Tian Long Ba Bu " dream girl.

 Natalie Wong

Natalie Wong and Louis Koo for drama. Natalie Wong, who fell in love with Louis Koo at the time, basically quit the entertainment industry. Natalie Wong and Louis Koo walked through the trough of his life. After Louis Koo's imprisonment was exposed, almost everyone dismissed He, he once lost confidence, is accompanied by Natalie Wong let him slowly come out, but unfortunately the romance of two people talked about for 7 years, finally regret breaking up!

 Louis Koo  Natalie Wong

Since then, Louis Koo has always had only eight characters for all the gossip: not a fact, I do not respond. A netizen said, Louis Koo no luxury nor luxury cars, leaving only love and 100 schools. So, who will be the real life girl of Louis Koo, we will wait and see!

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