Xiaofei Wang Sun S Autumn Mid-Autumn photos This is the legendary “love you love face deformation”?

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Yesterday Mid-Autumn Festival, the entertainment stars have also been sent in the Weibo blessing. Xiaofei Wang also made a photo of himself and his wife Big S, congratulating you on a happy holiday and praising his wife's face. Xiaofei Wang blushing in the photo and one hand holding a big S clutching her face, big S expression is dumbfounding.

 Xiaofei Wang 亲大S

There microblogging issued a User Comments: Xiaofei Wang This is drinking it. Xiaofei Wang also commented on the show off that this is the correct pose with his wife Ha, or your face forward some, or hand around his wife's face. He also called for the majority of male compatriots to learn something.

 Xiaofei Wang 微博

 Xiaofei Wang 大s

It is not difficult to see from the photo the big S and Xiaofei Wang husband and wife two very good relationship, but before the two microblogging which is often show love, every day wife and husband short, and the couple often accompany her daughter out to play. Who can think of this pair of couples who were not optimistic about the original can be safe and happy in the entertainment for so many years.

 Xiaofei Wang 一家三口

Saying big S with Xiaofei Wang from acquaintance to marriage only took a short period of twenty days. September 29, 2010 Two people met at Ady An 's birthday party, but Xiaofei Wang also broke up with Zhang Yuqi for family reasons. In the middle two spent a big S birthday party together until October 29, both hands together appeared at the airport, the big S father revealed that they have been engaged, the two almost met the fourth after To determine the marriage, so the speed, so that everyone was very surprised entertainment. At the same time, the outside world is also not optimistic about their marriage, that the two married quickly, big S just looking for a golden Turtle- law, and Xiaofei Wang is a prodigal, ex-girlfriend is endless, this marriage is certainly not long.


After the wedding, the problem of "Beauty South" of Xiaofei Wang's mother, Zhang Lanxin , went bankrupt and the assets were frozen. Wang Sicong, who was out of step with Zhang Lanxin Xiaofei Wang, was even more cynical on Weibo, saying that there was no steel sheet. However, the couple did not spread neither, nor divorce, it is safe and secure each other out of the storm. Has always been vegetarian non-stick Hunxing big S in order to prepare for pregnancy, it is hard to exercise to increase nutrition.

 Xiaofei Wang 大S亮相

 Xiaofei Wang 大S婚礼

A blink of an eye, and now they are acquainted with the first seven years, which began to be bad-mouthing couple also went for so many years, I also wish the two will be happy in the future.

 Xiaofei Wang 秀恩爱

Finally, Xiaofei Wang gave Big S this picture so that Xiaobian instantly thought of " Rainie Yang being kissed by Li Ronghao ." Do you have a look at these two photos? !

 Li Ronghao  Rainie Yang

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