Li Ronghao Xiu En love was started by Rainie Yang Xiao San, so I met Rain Male, who was the slag man. Why did you choose Li Ronghao?

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Recently, the entertainment industry really entered a period of high sweetness. First, Li Chen root Bingbing Fan asked for a marriage madness, and then Li Ronghao publicly kissed Rainie Yang at the concert to admit the love affair.

Li Ronghao held a concert at the Taipei Arena in Taipei on the 16th. His girlfriend Rainie Yang staged a surprise at the end of the concert. The two sang "Year of the Ring" and suddenly Li Ronghao grabbed Rainie Yang and kissed him on the face. One bite.


Rainie Yang was so shy that she couldn't do it. The people who eat melons said that they had dried up a bowl of dog food.


Li Ronghao, who is close to Rainie Yang, is like a child.


Afterwards, there was a screenshot of Li Ronghao's screen to kiss Rainie Yang, and the text "When he kissed you, the kiss was too realistic." Some netizens sent a deep blessing: "It is the most beautiful show I have ever seen." The scene of love is full of pink bubbles everywhere, I hope to be a positive result."


Later, Li Ronghao also officially publicized the identity of Rainie Yang girlfriend on Weibo.


On September 17th, Rainie Yang Weibo sent a message: "When I look at you." And I sang a photo of the same person with Li Ronghao, and I was photographed by a netizen. .

For Li Ronghao to admit love so high-profile, some netizens analyzed because Li Ronghao ex-girlfriend Yao Lu recently publicly indicated his identity as Li Ronghao ex-girlfriend and talked about love when he participated in the new Wei Mi selection reality show "Angel Road". through. In order to swear by her current love, Li Ronghao publicly acknowledged the love affair at the concert and prevented Yao Lu from regaining heat.


Li Ronghao has been with Yao Lu for many years. He released his album " Mannequin " in 2014. Yao Lu also helped to promote the microblogging. Yao Lu also starred in his " ChizukosYoungerSister " MV. There are also rumors that Li Ronghao's "Mannequin" was sung to Yao Lu.

And there is also a breaking news, Rainie Yang is a small three inserted Li Ronghao feelings. At that time, Li Ronghao was smashed out of love for Rainie Yang. One month later, Yao Lu’s friend Miss Zhang posted a kiss and intimate photo in the “Rong Yao Love” relationship. He named him on Weibo. “How can you connect? Didn't you remember the breakup? Don't you dare say?" Miss Zhang revealed that when he broke up with Lu, he had less than a month from the time of claiming to be single, and the result was that he and Rainie Yang broke out. After a month of contact, he counted the score and he chased Yang in a few days. "I don't understand the time. You have a close relationship with Rainie Yang for a month, then you are really fighting for the second day of the breakup. I’m in love with it. I’m going to catch up with Rainie Yang in February. For her Beijing and Taipei to fly on both sides, you are very busy. Carrying the leadership (Yao Lu nickname) doesn’t do anything else! This is!”


The old news of this "suspected seamless integration" has been turned over and attracted many netizens to discuss. However, Li Ronghao denied the lame when attending the awards ceremony, saying that there is absolutely no third, and that the outside world "do not harass Rainie Yang" and take care of the new love.

The intersection of Li Ronghao and Rainie Yang began in 2007, when Li Ronghao wrote Rainie Yang's song "Happiness Fruit", but the two did not know it privately.

In 2014, the two began to have an open interaction. In November, Li Ronghao launched his debut album and invited Rainie Yang as a guest. At the time, Rainie Yang responded by being hosted by Mickey Huang . “Li Ronghao is my dish in music.” Li Ronghao also responded generously to “I like her cute”.


In February 2015, Li Ronghao showed his face photo with Rainie Yang on Weibo. Although it was deleted by the second, it was immediately screened by the fast-moving netizens, which made the two people’s scandals worse. However, Li Ronghao claimed that the veneer was only a friendly interaction with friends and did not fall in love with Rainie Yang.


By July 2015, some media had taken Rainie Yang to go to Li Ronghao's apartment after the work. After about three hours of meeting, Li Ronghao drove him to the airport to leave, which was also seen as a real hammer for the two. But even if he was photographed repeatedly by two people, Li Ronghao has never admitted his love.


In September 2016, Li Ronghao was greeted by Xiao S's various fancy styles, and the first time with his girlfriend, the first time to hold hands, the first kiss and other details, still playing in the scene. Ghosted . Li Ronghao also exposed the details of his chat with his girlfriend, revealed his experience with the girlfriend in Taiwan, an emergency escape, but also revealed that his girlfriend is a Gemini, sitting in love.

Although Li Ronghao’s emotional events have been raging in the past, Yang Yang has been fascinated by Rainie Yang’s confession on the stage. He also received fans’ blessings. “Thank you my girlfriend, Rainie Yang, give everyone a small surprise. Thank you for staying with me all the time. I like her. She knows what I am thinking because she is Rainie Yang."

Compared to Li Ronghao, Rainie Yang's relationship is much richer. Rainie Yang used to be called a cute lord. In the years when Taiwan's idol drama was popular in the mainland, Rainie Yang's TV was not used for her, "Devil is around", " Missing " and "Shanghai Sweetheart" 80, 90 I have seen it all the time... In those years, her relationship is also very rich. The first boyfriend to be known is Alien Huang (little devil), Alien Huang is Rainie Yang's first love lover, both of whom fell in love at the Huagang Art School in Taipei. Later, Rainie Yang officially debuted into the performing arts circle with the "Four in Love" four-person group. Because the work class cannot be balanced, she chose to drop out. Because of the differences in the life circle at the time, the two began to alienate, so they made a decision to break up. Later, after Alien Huang made a debut with the " Marble " team, the relationship was exposed. After the breakup, the two became good friends and co-produced the TV series " LoveYou ".



Rainie Yang and Junhao Yuan . The two of them participated in the "Devil's Side" fake play, Rainie Yang once revealed to his friends: "He is a very considerate man, it should be the best one I have encountered." When they are in love, In Junhao Yuan's car, there is a sweet photo of the two, with a heart-shaped pattern next to it. Unfortunately, the good times didn't last long. Later, Rainie Yang became more and more busy, and the feelings turned weak when the gathering was too small. However, it was also pointed out that Rainie Yang disliked the other side's career and did not match himself.


Rainie Yang and Roy Chiu . In 2003, Rainie Yang and Roy Chiu collaborated on a TV series. They were witnessed by the media at the Roy Chiu home for a whole night, and the underground romance was exposed. Rainie Yang once said that this relationship hurt her the deepest. After 8 months of contact, he met less than 10 times and said that he was moody. Later, she sent a text message to the other party to break up. I didn't expect him to reply after half a month. She met her in the park. She thought he would save it. What I didn't expect was that he said after meeting, "I agree with your text message." . Let her be very disappointed with this relationship.


Rainie Yang and Sunny . Rainie Yang and Sunny made sparks in 2011 due to the co-production of the MV. They were exposed on the plane and watched the newspapers in an interactive and intimate manner. Sunny had a passionate relationship with Rainie Yang as early as October. In addition to running at the night of Rainie Yang, she also bought daily necessities for her, and her feelings progressed rapidly. Later, Chizukos YoungerSister fell in love for more than two months.


Rainie Yang and JPM Prince (Qiu Yusheng) fell in love at the end of 2012. After the two men traveled in Hawaii, they admitted their love. Later, he was photographed by the media, Rainie Yang, to go to the dentist, and appeared in the concert to support his boyfriend. After more than a year of in love, the two men got together because of their busy work, and finally broke up.


Later, Li Ronghao and Rainie Yang were married, and the prince also sent Facebook to bless two, and finally found out that it was an oolong.

After the prince, Rainie Yang's boyfriend is Li Ronghao. There was a media question about why Rainie Yang talked so much about love. Rainie Yang once said that because of the shadow of his parents' divorce, he didn't have confidence in love or men, but only liked freshness. Never promise to each other. This time, Rainie Yang has publicly stated that Li Ronghao is very mature and stable, and the relationship between the two is also the longest part of Rainie Yang's affair. It seems that both of them have found their best destination and blessings.

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