Wang Like' spring "getting better now play the Queen's strength Fan cited attention

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Realistic inspirational emotional drama " Spring " has attracted countless audiences since the Sept. 6 release of a golden documentary in CCTV. As the plot progresses, Wang Like The actress " People do not ask ni" won the audience because of their good character and fighting spirit, clues about her characters also began to emerge slowly, not only completed from working girl to resident singer The official shift to embark on the road to music, Ni Chun 's emotional line also shows signs of clues.

People are also tired of frustrated attempts to dream music

In recent episodes, Ni Chun moved the bar owner Tang Yu-Meng in a natural voice to formally start the bar singing. While singing, she actively helped Tiezheng State, not only convinced her uncle to accept him as an apprentice but also bought a book Feet, iron Tieguo more to learn technology as quickly as possible, secretly replace the Uncle's psychic tile knife to practice for him, but the vibration of the country will Shuaodao tapping brick into two, attracted anxiety Jia Changan heart attack, Ni Chun also scolded.

All along, Nicole has concealed the fact that she is a resident singer in a bar, and she was told that she was a white-collar working in the office. However, as the singing dream grew stronger, she finally got the courage to tell her Resigned to concentrate on singing work, but it was strongly opposed by his uncle, a party broke up. Although her frequent frustrations, the dream of becoming a big singer seems a bit futile to her nowadays, she still insists on working hard.

Wang Like: 垆 Bian people like the moon, Haowan cream frost

Speaking of roles, Wang Like frankly, People who are very satisfied with the role of Nicole, especially when playing guitar in the bar singing, making her feel very enjoyable. In fact, it is no wonder that the play's People also ask Ni everywhere with a literary range of children, because Wang Like itself is "like the moon, han brutal snow" like a woman, interpretation of People who are such a good Jenny rate Full of artistic temperament role is a pleasure for her.

Regardless of the drama, Wang Like is already the "goddess of arts and culture" in the hearts of everyone, and the characters depicted in the play are as follows: People also ask Ni figure With the deepening of the series is more and more full, she smiled in one fell swoop A move more time to pull the hearts of the audience, fans are also very much looking forward to after the performance of Wang Like, People who will ni ni in the end will go to where the love? Her music road will encounter what kind of ups and downs? Set of gold file "in spring."

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