Weibo denied Buy hot search, open diss Jin Xing Do not be male or female This really will become the end of the collapse of Dong Jin “scholar” set it?

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Dong Jin "hits" again. This time, he made a very meaningful microblogging, not only denied speculation, buy hot search, but also denied the old man with an economic contract, the most critical is that he still diss Jin Xing male and female actress is poor, "refined and humorous "People set to collapse again.


Things should be noon sunshine released an official brokerage brokerage talking about, yesterday morning, noon Sunshine Video made a notice on the "noon sunshine business sector adjustment announcement," the announcement, the bulletin wrote that "the face of the market Increasingly demanding requirements and ever-increasing expectations from viewers, "noon sunshine needs to" devote more, or even more, energy into content creation. "In addition, artists need" more professional personal planning and long-term strategic layout. "Therefore, The company decided to cancel the artist brokerage business.

Noon sunshine, has produced the " Ode to Joy " " Battle of Changsha " " Nirvana in Fire " " camouflage " and other boutique TV series, acting Dong Jin, Kai Wang , Yijun Liu , Liu Min Tao , Bridgette Qiao and other performers acting brokers, The cancellation of the artist's economic operations at this time means that contracted artists such as Dong Jin, Kai Wang and other noon sunshine want to "find their own way out." This decision on Yu Zheng afternoon sunshine, netizens also have expressed their understanding and support.

Kai Wang also forwarded microblogging the first time and said "understand and understand that you let us go out bathed heart, and home will always be home."


However, Dong Jin, another midday sunshine artist, did not have such warmhearted wishes. At 17:49 on the 5th, Dong Jin sent a "meaningful" microblogging that firstly showed that he is an actor and not an artist. And then denied the economic contract with noon sunshine, emphasizing that he is only a founders of many years old friends, cooperation has been only because of the same concept only; also said he never bought hot search, do not understand also disdain to buy; by the way and diss Those who are not male or female; Lastly, remind friends should keep the minimum courtesy, elegant, but also stressed that I hope to stay a little better in my heart.

As soon as the microblogging came out, the masses of eating and drinking were no longer calm, especially the term "non-male and female" mentioned in Article 4, which caused Dong Jin's people to fall into the verge of collapsing again. Some remarks really scared me, your courtesy, elegance, demeanor where have gone, your slander has risen to the level of personal attacks, and your double business where to go? Let us stay a little better in our hearts. "

Although Dong Jin did not name his name and say who is not male or female, but we all know that he is alluding to Jin Xing, Jin Jin some time ago because of the show Tu Dong Dong Jin play is narrow, the performer All the same, there is no breakthrough.

To be honest, Jin Xing Dong Jin's evaluation or justification justified, no criticism, just suggestions. And Jin Xing also affirmed Dong Jin, saying that he likes him, and he worked hard for so many years, really worth a fire. Also because I like to urge him to make breakthroughs and progress. Now diss Jin Dong, Jin Jin, really disappoints people, even with the least courtesy and demeanor.

In the face of cyberpulp and questioning, today, Dong Jin sent another microblogging: quoting Yang Jiang 's "100-year-old quote," he said, "You are determined to be an honest person, and others will use you to insult you. Retreat, people will infringe on you to damage you, you have to peace with others, we must first deal with them, "be regarded as users Tucao.


In fact, it is not the first time for people in Dong Jin to collapse. Since Dong Jin played a lot of culture, meaning, love reading the perfect image, users impressed him. It is a pity that extracurricular he is using his own book every time to set his face.


Dong Jin likes to show off their own hegemony in the microblogging side, often quoted some famous quotes in Weibo, including a microblogging wrote Van Gogh phrase, "affectionately alive in this fickle world" , After being questioned by users, this sentence is not written by Van Gogh, but in a APP on a man named Chi Fung Fung wrote.



Dong Jin then deleted the microblogging, but led to the collapse of Dong Jin people far more than these topics, he was even Douban users as "one of the four entertainment king", the other three are Xiaoming Huang , Zhang Han and Yang Yang (actor) .

Starting from the "permanent" stem of Dong Jin, the start of the collapse of Dong Jin should be described as "immutable" in an interview with Dong Jin. .


Since then, all the way to set up crashing constantly loaded, jokes continue, so that we see love the other side of the veteran cadres, but also let you understand the food in your circle can eat, but the words must not say more important.

In an interview, Dong Jin said I went to read a lot of [medical] books for filming. There was a lot of [math] knowledge in medical books. So I went to check a lot of math materials and searched a lot of [Nobel Mathematics Award] winner's article.

Yes, you're right, he said is the Nobel Prize in mathematics. Excuse me, Nobel what time out math prize?


Do not miss a mother on a search, you will find that there is no mathematical prize, Dong Jin beaten face again.



As a veteran cadre who loves to study, Dong Jin once recommended to fans a book called "There is No Reason" by the so-called West Point Military Academy. In fact, this book has long been certified as a "fake book." What is a fake book? This book is said to be written by top executives in the United States. In fact, it is a book written by Beijing-based authors similar to "successful learning."


Photographed by friends and other airport clearance machine reading, the result ...


Turned out to be the agent holding the camera out of the film, it is necessary to play face it!


And there must be through the airport draft, Baidu a random search, are the airport of Dong Jin handsome! Perfect like, this pass can write fake point no!


And Dong Jin especially likes to write traditional Chinese characters in the Weibo, to report the seasonal effects of the Chinese economy, and the old microblogging is all about this style.

However, this year's rain, there are netizens found that Dong Jin in the solar terms to the Meng wrote "Meng persuade", "move" and "advised", then may be too embarrassing, Dong Jin to delete this microblogging. However, this did not affect his forecast for the next 24 months.


In an interview with the media to explain the concept of "fire," Dong Jin said he was already on fire. As a 40-year-old actress, he has already won awards in the country about drama.


The actual situation is Dong Jin belongs to individual awards only Golden Lion China Drama and the 2nd Asian Rainbow Award for Best Supporting Actor Award.


Among them, the Golden Lion Award of Chinese Drama won the prize at the same time with 56 people.


Weibo never said they advertise.


In this regard, he explained ...

Ah, it seems nothing problem.


Dong Jin teacher, this way, your "scholar" set all the way to collapse, do not you really do not care?

Later, they are still acting in a down-to-earth manner, saying less or less as well, or which day when a good sense of complete exhaustion, regret may be too late.

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