He Jiong proves Xie Na with four words pregnant? So the question is: this time, Xie Na is pregnant?

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Jason Zhang and Xie Na , who have been married for six years, have been repeatedly exposed as pregnant and pregnant. Almost every year, as long as two people have a sign of trouble, they are suspected to be pregnant by netizens, but they are denied each time. Because they have not been pregnant, even the fans are anxious, and even gave birth to a group, but also repeatedly questioned the two are not the same feelings of love and divorce (eat the melon is also for the ruined couple crushed heart).

Search for Jason Zhang Xie Na in Madame Ng even the key words of Jason Zhang Xie Na divorce certificate.

After entering the point you will see a variety of broke the news of the two divorce, more is suspected of two divorces because no child for six years.


Finally, this time, the well-known intercalary couple pregnant a bit real hammer, recently Xie Na because of the absence of Happy Camp, and was a friend witnessed her husband Jason Zhang entered the pregnancy test building, also uploaded a photo and Jason Zhang The car.

Broke the news out, netizens fried pot again, "It seems Xie Na pregnant this thing is set a real hammer ah," which in turn is the absence of the fast inspection, if it is true, the two are considered Got it.

Netizens have microblogging comments on the two congratulations, Xie Na came out to respond to "Thank you for concern ah [heart], a car is not us 2 and we are upstairs doctor is Dr. Zhuang orthopedic Thank you," satisfied Nigeria, is it nonetheless an Oolong incident?

Table urgent, here is not over yet. Run soil is a lot of trouble a couple of friends soon found the August 17 issue of Xie Na "think you yo," the micro-Bo, of He Jiong came out to take a bubble, commented that "actually did not fat" Can be indirectly confirmed Xie Na pregnancy.

However, after two days, Mr. Ho also commented on a "quick nosy", like negating Xie Na pregnancy !

In the past few years after her marriage, Xie Na has really varied ways to crack down on pregnancy rumors.

Adapted children's songs to prove that they are not pregnant.


Drink champagne to prove that you are not pregnant.


Difficult to run out of proof that no pregnancy.

Skating wrestling confirmed no pregnancy.

In 15 years Xie Na made a quite meaningful microblogging, again provoke pregnancy rumors. Microblogging wrote: "Oh, on the map, my Christmas gift, is not thick, is not an English book, I have also played a good kind ah, well, time is late, interactive end, good night, muah". Accompanied by a photo of an English fairy tale book and a photo of Princess Bai Baihe .

This microblogging a, netizens have a message, "This is the rhythm of pregnancy, ah," "Give the baby books are bought ?! Scary !!", "The total feeling is to prepare for the children," Days spicy, we early Guess it, just sauce "," I'm drunk too, Anna sister to your baby ready ".

In 2016, Xie Na recorded for the first time after returning to China. The same day, Xie Na spot wearing a red dress and high heels playing barefoot appearance, Xiaodu micro convex again provoke pregnancy suspicion. But after Xie Na big graceful dance is again cracked pregnancy rumors.

17 years studying abroad was prenatal, microblogging made their own study photos can be considered an indirect denial of pregnancy rumors.

In this regard, the official micro also came out to confirm Xie Na just to learn it!

This time the paradigm paradigm paradigm once again absent from the Happy Camp, whether it is like the netizen said pregnancy, or because of ligament injury old recurrence had to stop work we do not know, but hope Xie Na comeback as soon as possible!


Spicy what the problem is, Xie Na in the end there is no pregnancy?

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