After the Tanabata Zi Yang Qin Junjie again show dog food unique way of showing love can be regarded as a clean sweep of your circle!

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Tanabata just passed, your circle of wave after wave of dog food dripping, really want to eat melon melon rhythm of sweet tooth!

Former Fu Xinbo Ying Er registered married, after Zi Yang Qin Junjie kissing show love, love the couple's appearance really sweet to die.

Zi Yang screen suddenly turned around and kissed her boyfriend Qin Junjie a kiss pro also gently help her boyfriend finishing the hair, just like a girl in love with the state, this little lover affectionate look simply Yan Shade others.

This wave of dog food is not over, September 1 is the birthday of Qin Junjie, girlfriend Zi Yang punctuated love in the microblogging, Qin Junjie is a drying out of a child's photos and said: "When I was five years old, Now young and a year old. "Netizens to this small lover is also a public praise.

In the photo, Qin Junjie has a pair of charming big eyes, looks very handsome. He wore a plaid suit, tied a tie, his hands behind the young gentleman van.

Zi Yang and Qin Junjie because of the costume drama " Albatron Chi " met, the play, Qin Junjie played by the book has been played by Zi Yang Lu Xueqi chase, but unfortunately failed. Many users are very fond of this CP, hope they can be together in real life. Have friends ask Zi Yang likes Qin Junjie? Zi Yang said that as a friend liked Qin Junjie. Qin Junjie on the evaluation of Zi Yang is also very good, the two have a full understanding.

After "Albatron Magazine", Zi Yang and Qin Junjie have been interacting with each other constantly, frequently interacting with each other. Qin Junjie even said Zi Yang is the most silly of the crew.

Ridicule Zi Yang legs short ↓

Qin Junjie "There is no future for the man playing the game," Qin Junjie retorts that "the man playing the game is the most special."

Zi Yang ridiculed him handsome Shuai Shuai, Qin Junjie said: "I am watching your play grew young teacher."

Of course, in the studio he also often Zi Zi happy. Move feet, punch and kick, all kinds of joke.

After that, the two also cooperated in " The Infernal Affairs of the Legend of the Dragon Ball ". In the play, Kang Yi, played by Li Yi Huan and Qin Junjie played by Zi Yang, went through lots of hardships and finally walked together.

This time, the interaction between the two more love, belong to the love and kill, clearly feeling good, meet the kind of fight you want to see.

Zi Yang touched Qin Junjie's head and said that he has become a little potato in this movie, and pretends to brutal sweat to him ...

Bucket with mouth, should fight out feelings ... Qin Junjie in the "Qingyun Chi" eyes had already betrayed him. Even in front of the camera, the eyes have been staring at Zi Yang,

Because together filming, the two often together to promote God, the last together is normal. Earlier, the media repeatedly photographed two sweet photos and live in the hotel's camera, but they have not responded.

Until February 16, 2017 early in the morning, Zi Yang microblogging drying out with Qin Junjie Funny photo is called "Happy Valentine's Day!" Subsequently, Qin Junjie forwarding and ridicule: "I may have found a fake girlfriend." Two Be officially announced romance.

In the photo, the two are dressed in costume, and the bottom up shooting is funny. Qin Junjie also wrote: "The day before yesterday is Valentine's Day, and then ... Why did I send such a ugly photo?" Loving show is very advanced. Users also said that small earthworms also found the home, really happy for you. Dare to be so black that is absolutely true love!

Because of the love affair of Zi Yang Qin Junjie, there was an oolong incident involving Yang Yang . It is rumored that Qin Junjie and Zi Yang torture dogs too cause fans to bite back, many fans asked to take food.

The reason is that one day Qin Jun Jie airborne fans want to interact with the fans, and then Zi Yang naughty, using Qin Junjie mobile phone voice said, "You like him, please, please like me!" Many girlfriends immediately put pressure on powder, said to be off powder. Blame me myself!

Anyway, I hope this little funny than every day can be happy, Zi Yang's love can last a long time.

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