Fu Xinbo and Ying Er are married! From public to marriage, just 6 days! What are you getting?

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Yesterday, (August 30), Fu Xinbo Ying Er was exposed in Xi'an Civil Administration Bureau to get married. According to the photo of the netizen, there was Yu Xiao in the sky at that time. Both of them supported an umbrella and a mask and accompanied them to the marriage registration office to handle the relevant formalities.





On August 24, Fu Xinbo wrote in a Weibo: "I gave it to you and I handed myself over to Ying Er ..." Then, Ying Er forwards the comment: "You're so kind!" Fu Xinbo and Ying Er high profile public romance. Just as the two men announced the love affair, there happened a little episode. Fu Xinbo made a microblogging report of Ying Er, and the result turned out to be a mistake. He became a high imitation of Ying Er. Fortunately, he found the latter second delete.



On August 26, Ying Er and Fu Xinbo attended the Fan Carnival on the same day, the first time they released their romance, and they both showed their love, hug, heart, face killing and fancy dog ​​food at the scene Let sweet spot on the table burst table!



August 30, the two were married exposed collar, exposure of love just six days away from time, Fu Xinbo and Ying Er speed no one. So there are users analysis, Fu Xinbo and Ying Er collar wedding day Ying Er wearing a loose sportswear, dressed in a very low profile, suspected Ying Er may be pregnant. (According to this reasoning, it is also reasonable to get married quickly).


Fu Xinbo's romance with Ying Er dates back to 2015. In July 2015, Fu Xinbo was in a triangle affair with Ying Er and tender boy Wang Liang Ya , when Fu Xinbo was broke with Ying Er and spent the night in the hotel. Two days later came to Shanghai and Wang Liang Ya consecutive open room. In response, Ying Er's response at the time was "Fu Xinbo has shown good, but Ying Er only treated him as a friend," denied the romance. In August 2015, Fu Xinbo responded to a love affair at a press conference , Said that with Ying Er is an ordinary friend, and Wang Liang Ya is not a lover, only eat a few meals, is a "friend of friends", but Wang Liang Ya team does not agree with this statement.


This incident was booming in the entertainment circle Yang Yang , tender Liang Liang Ya is more than 30 crazy chat sun shouted Fu Xinbo pedal N boat. (Connaught, Wang Liang Ya is below this sister paper)


At that time, Fu Xinbo has even been thrown into the ranks of dregs, after all, from the exposure of chatting records, the common "warm room" "I will see you go" "520" and other ambiguous words, we can see Fu Xinbo Wang Liang Ya also want to go Kind of teasing.


After that, by March 2016, Fu Xinbo and Ying Er took part in the filming of the TV series atrociously. In May, two people outside the play were photographed in a popular studio and appeared in a massage parlor. After returning to the hotel Also live in a room all night, the basic real love affair.


In 2016, both of them joined Hubei Satellite TV "If Love", on the program, they were totally different from other imaginary couple. They played a lot of kissing scenes for several times, and they both looked at each other's eyes full of love, totally From the heart of love. After the show's finale was broadcast, several pairs of CPs showed love on Weibo, with Fu Xinbo and Ying Er saying the most ambiguous. Fu Xinbo wrote: "Love never ends once it starts." Ying Er said: Accompanying is the longest confession I hope I can stay with you.








Not only did they interact with each other online, but in July 2017, Fu Xinbo and Ying Er took a closer look at the airport with two fingers on top of each other. Although they kept a little behind and behind each other, Love can not conceal the rhythm. Then two people on August 24 that Tanabata a few days ago a public relationship. After that is the card to get married, this speed, Xiaobian is also uppercase service! Anyway, I wish Fu Xinbo Ying Er happy wedding!


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