Single dog Shen Rui !!! Tanabata entertainment show all kinds of fancy show love ... ...

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The annual Valentine's Day dog ​​food contest is in full swing in progress

This year to carry micro-Bo Fancy show loving banner was undoubtedly a Big black cattle couple

Zero just passed, Bingbing Fan on the microblogging drying Valentine's Day gift from Li Chen

Her drying out of a bunny shape flower ball, doll's stomach there are pink roses composed of the F word, moral meaning.

This wave of dog food also breeds a lot of wedding team



Tanabata is really a very easy to be infected day!

Leah Dou, who has always been a low profile, has also made up the bustle

Everlasting to show love mysterious boyfriend


As well as Jia Nailiang, the father-in-law of the entertainment industry, publicly "provoked"



Hey, hey

Bright you are in the "secretly" in the dog food ah!

This wave of dog food I eat ...

Except fancy dog ​​couple / couple

There are couples rose to show a small lover

Public maltreatment of the CP party


In order to dog food, we are pretty spell

On the eve of the Tanabata eve, Yang Lele , who rarely possesses a son on the social platform, takes a photo of a young lover. The three-year-old Mu Mu is lovely and cool, walking down the street with a short-haired mother. .


Qi Wei in the microblogging drying daughter doing hand-made video, daughter lucky warm Meng voice is also the first exposure, milky milk lucky Ask Qi Wei: "Mom you see I do look good?" Qi brother Gentle response: "Look, baby." Although there is no positive appearance, but a small lucky milk tone or harvested a large number of fans. Tanabata Festival out of this video also has User Comments: "There is such a good daughter, this is the most adorable dog food."


Jianze He broke the finger nails with her daughter Tao Xinran on Valentine's Day

Cut out but also use plastic bags up to give "the future uncle"

Teacher He you taste a little heavier!


In such a romantic festival

Zhang Ziyi is also drying out a short video in Weibo,

Also wrote: "Sweet days! Thanksgiving."

Zhang Ziyi exposed her daughter's wake up situation,

Wake up happily running in the grass,

As cute as a little princess


Table urgent, how such a day can be less CP figure

Tanabata Eve, "love it" "Angel CP" also to abuse dogs. Ou Wang, wearing a ponytail, wearing white turtleneck and gray jacket, saw the night view with Ming Dao at the seaside in Sydney, Australia. She also played a game of "talking anti-talk" and as Ou asked, "I can touch your face Is it? ", But also resorted to the legendary face to kill, and asked Ming Dao" Do you will heart rate? ", Eyes filled with drowsiness. CP parties have to blow up, have said: "God pulls, too sweet too", "This spilled dog food caught off guard!"


Valentine's Day enough to see a variety of pairs of loving picture

As a single dog you are not imprisoned by 10,000 crit hit

Table urgent

If you do not want to be a desolate single dog

You can be like this

On Valentine's Day, Li Yifeng microblogging made a statement:

"I wish you all have a lover's final marriage." And drying out a photo of holding hands.

Do you really want to give a thumbs up for the ideas of veteran cadres?



Lu Han on Tanabata day made a micro-blog "Which color to choose?",

Fans said,

"Can not dog food beans can only clothes and shoes, it is simply a stand 摆"!


If you do not want Soo Ae love

Do not want to show illusion couple

You can do this alternative show friendship

After all, friends who accompany you to accompany you on this festival are really few

And play and cherish!



At last

Bless all couples

After the Tanabata can be successfully entered the marriage hall!

Bless all single dogs

After Tanabata, smooth single!

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