MC Jin Zhengzhou concert A reporter asked Record Record: The important thing is to be yourself

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Recently, Zhengzhou held a vast festival of hip-hop carnival, Show Luo , MC Jin and other big stars have debut performances. MC Jin interviewed by reporters in advance, when asked questions, MC Jin naughty hope that the reporter also to a freestyle, but the reporter saw his god has been very nervous, how can freestyle out ah!

SO, following the reporter is serious questions, MC Jin freestyle's answer.

Reporter: This is the hip-hop hip hop fashion festival held the Seventh, and then you how to look at this activity?

MC Jin: Very simple, I am really happy to have the opportunity to participate in this event. Recently, I only knew about China's hip-hop Wenhua . For me, I think it might be now in China. It seems like a starting point. Maybe a long time ago many people liked hip-hop. They would listen to hip-hop and try to do some of these songs themselves, but perhaps this public is not particularly aware of hip-hop. So now I think everyone agrees with hip-hop and seems to be a true starting point. For me personally, I have this very rare gathering and can start together. I feel really good and happy.


Reporter: So what advice do you have on hip-hop and hip-hop geniuses now?

MC Jin: Suggestions! Suggestions can actually be said to have many, but I say the most basic, the most important thing for me is that I have been on a program called "Everyday Up", in fact, I have "every day up" this program has been a few Years ago, but originally I was on this show, I have a word, I do not remember I have said. But some new friends and fans told me that "when you say that, I really feel very special." That is what I said in English "Do not let hip-hop change you". The meaning is that you like hip-hop, but you do not let hip-hop change you, you may change hip-hop. So I would advise young people, maybe he had just started to have an interest in hip hop, this is one of my priorities. I will hip-hop, you can share with them is: Do not because you are interested in hip-hop, you go to change their personality, change your own life. You do not seem like I like hip-hop do not be myself, the most important thing is to be yourself.

Reporter: Hello, "China has hip-hop" This program is now so hot, and then last night has also scored the Chinese top six, in your opinion who is the best chance of winning?

MC Jin: Actually, I think I'm optimistic about everyone. Maybe every one of them from the first day of the game, maybe they look at me like I'm a senior, right? Maybe they all know your history, your battle in the United States, your different things in the United States . But from my point of view, I think in this "Chinese hip-hop" arena, I see so many players, so many judges, in fact, I think they are all my teachers, so you ask me which is stronger? Feel that each one is very strong, I want to learn a lot of things with them.


Reporter: Can you talk about the impression of Zhengzhou fans?

MC Jin: Zhengzhou It seems like this is my first time coming, so it was really special for me to be on this stage and have the opportunity to participate in this event. Because there was no chance to come to Zhengzhou before, and now I can come to Zhengzhou because of this hip-hop spirit. I feel great, especially when I see so many young people, many young people are excited and happy. I see him happy More happy.


Reporter: Hip-hop aspects of what do you think?

MC Jin: Actually, we may not know. When I first started in the United States, I was just beginning to be interested in this hip-hop culture. My dream was to be a great hip-hop dancer. But then I was a little older and then my mum and dad told me you could not go out so if I could not go out and how would I be hip hop dancer so I could only jump in my home and then slowly found out that I had "RAP" Feeling, so I started trying to do rap. But you this question, I feel whether you are doing hip-hop, whether it is rap, whether DJ. The simplest is that we are a big family, whether you are doing or you just go and see just to listen, are part of this extended family. In short, "I love hip-hop, we are in the same home, you love hip-hop ...". Why I write this lyrics, because I feel my attitude is that if you respect hip-hop, you like hip-hop, we are a family.

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