Liying Zhao matchmaker, this time it is Lin Gengxin: Likun Wang will be its last one?

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Sometimes you have to believe that it is going to rain just as Jam Hsiao arrived. Even the day of the Jam Hsiao concert where desert climate weather in the United States is such a raging place, the title of "God of the Rain" is worthy of the name; then Liying Zhao Why it is a matchmaker? Because it is as long as the Yingbo partner starring either married or burst of love! Earlier, for example, Yingbao and Chen Xiao co-operation << Lu Zhen legend >> Chen Xiao Michelle Chen married now Is already the father of a small star; "Flower Bone" cooperation Wallace Huo , Wallace Huo Ruby Lin married, the daughter of the two married baby dolphins have also been born; Now " Chiao Chuan " just finished playing, Lin Gengxin was burst and Likun Wang dating look at the villa, two and did not come forward to clarify, referring to the above two pairs, can the dog really want to end the single and suede goddess talked about a marriage as the premise of love?

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After the release of Chu Chiao, Lin Gengxin became the Dream of Nine Billion Girls. Now dating Likun Wang was shot, although the picture is not high, but the fans are still at a glance that it is Lin dogs wrong. When Lin Gengxin used to be with those red-Internet girlfriends, everyone felt that it was normal for a normal young man to have a girlfriend and did not react so much. Did not take it seriously. Today, dating to Likun Wang has just been shot, netizens explode the pot, maybe everyone feels this Lin Gengxin to be serious.

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Likun Wang, known as the Goddess of Mercy for the Diving Show, has worked with Lin Gengxin on " Journey to the West: The Demons Strike Back. " During the promotion, Lin Gengxin Likun Wang took part in a number of promotional activities and joined the "Fast This "is only two people in the interactive show is limited, did not see the clues of love. Now suddenly burst out dating real hammer photo, and after two days of fermentation of public opinion, both parties did not deny, is not on behalf of acquiescence?

Journey to the West "2 人 .jpg" alt="Fig.4-1:" Journey to the West "


Lin dogs like to eat spicy really have to play the game Well talk about a marriage as the premise of the love it? In fact, Xiaobian still like that cross in the Zhao Yu Ting Gao Yuanyuan couple between the small.


Insert a small topic: "Lingerie" this title, absolutely no sense of demeaning, Lin Gengxin 2014 in the promotion of "you at the same table" blew, fans and fans said they are very kind to use so far, the key Is Lin Gengxin I do not mind ... love beans love, the object is not you and me him, sad useless, bless them!



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