Lu Han is there any other way you can think of it?

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Dilraba Dilmurat drama " Qin Shuli beauty moon heart " is about to start, why Xiaobian saw Fatty will think of Lu Han , obviously promotional posters are Vin Zhang , but also brain complement into Lu Han fat Di face Looks like. Alas, "Running" is over for a long time. Does this "land couple" which seductive "lovers" is too popular to have such ideas?



People who are full of innocent minds are also good at eating in society! I really like the phrase at Keigo Higashino . Now rumors, "" solution worry grocery store "shooting, the protagonist is Deng Chao and Lu Han, Xiaobian in the mind once again appeared in the novel characters, our deer will star in what kind of role, is it young? Dun Han? And Deng Chao in the variety show has always been a pair of love "father and son," the two programs outside the relationship is also very good. Now they co-starred in the movie, deer, the silly spore do not know under the leadership of Deng Chao acting will not be higher level, the deer can get rid of the "cream niche" title? In fact, Lu Han as Beijing pure Yeh, man, these people should have a little bit of distress because they are beautiful people. Obviously sunshine ...

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插图3-2: Lu Han  Deng Chao .jpg

插图3-3: Lu Han  Deng Chao .jpg

插图3-4: Lu Han  Deng Chao .jpg

In retrospect, Lu Han's CP, Bridgette Qiao , who had been featured on the show for many years, had only a full screen embarrassment. The "sweet crit" starring Xiaotong Guan has not yet been completed. Posters point of view, handsome men and beautiful people can still accept, but it seems that the most popular land or on the couple.

插图4: Lu Han 的CP女友们.jpg

In fact, Lu Han has many faces. We can see that he can sing, love to play football, play basketball and participate in film and TV series and variety shows. What do Lu Han fans like Lu Han like? Xiaobian accidentally collected a group of expression package Lu Han, favorite hurry up ...






Unexpectedly, the expression package is Lu Han, with what kind of text to see the imagination of the fans, friends!

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