Coulee Nazha makes no mention of his wife, Wolves, because he does not mention Zhang Han's film “Wolf Warriors 2”.

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The "Cold War " at the premiere of " Wolf Warriors 2 " is in stark contrast to the current 4 billion at the box office. The success of a movie requires a variety of promotions in addition to excellent quality assurance. The first release of "Wolf Warriors 2" and " The Founding of An Army "period, Wu Jing (actor) starred in the deserted and half of the entertainment circle countless celebrities attended the flow of stars in stark contrast, who did not think of" Wolf Warriors 2 "black Pose out of a trail of blood, word of mouth and the box office double harvest, reached the current domestic film unprecedented height.


Wu Jing (actor) and all the creators of the film are not spared no effort in the movie premiere, Wu Jing (wife) wife Xie Nan is a variety of publicity, Wu Jing (actor) friends Li Chen , Eddie Peng At the premiere, it was even more supportive. The protagonists Wu Gang , Yu Qian , Zhang Han , Lu Jing Shan, and their friends also worked hard and shout. With only one person, Zhang Han's girlfriend Coulee Nazha , from beginning to end not only did not mention the movie, the social platform and Zhang Han zero interaction, from July 26 to August 9 co-issued two micro Bo, July 26 before the promotion of Dong Chengpeng movie. Xiaobian a brain question mark, according to common sense should not be ah, Coulee Nazha afraid of people that she had heat? After all, his girlfriend is not a wife, or two of the feelings of what went wrong?

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August 9, 2015 Zhang Han posted two romances on the microblog and announced an affair. Coulee Nazha responded with a long article on the other day. The relationship between the two men has been maintained for two full years now, during which various fancy shows of loving kindness are also available. Zhang Han once said in public that Coulee Nazha was the target of her marriage.




Friendship boat may turn upside down, but the two love the obsession, how can turn out at any time? This year << Flowers and Teenager 3 >> broadcast, Coulee Nazha still show Zhang Han from time to time her favorite program only How long after the broadcast? Zhang Han's microblogging is no longer mention Coulee Nazha, has recently been for "Wolf Warriors 2" road show, and also did not forget to thank the fans for their continued support for nine years . So? Zhang Han Coulee Nazha still not escaped together spell it will not be more than two years?


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Perhaps Xiaobian think more, Coulee Nazha and Zhang Han are not the same brokerage firm, may be due to reasons of convenience inconvenience Zhang Han's film publicity, and whether their feelings have changed. Look at microblogging August 9, announcing the anniversary of the second anniversary of love, two morning and one morning, two people made a pray for the quake zone microblogging, I hope they both good! How do you think?


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