TFBOYS- Roy Wang mom regret Star Way, Roy Wang stance If you come again ... ...

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Recently, "People" interviewed Roy Wang mom in photo shoot, Roy Wang mother said that if you can come back, never let Roy Wang go this route. This is Roy Wang's mother's mother's love for her children's protection, because to see the son is too hard, lost the joy of a normal child childhood and adolescence. If at the time Roy Wang just said a mother I do not want to practice, my mother will take him home. In the opinion of Li Yong (television host) , Roy Wang is too obedient. Now I think back and I really hope Roy Wang will be more naughty and more dependent, so my regret may be less.

 Roy Wang 210.png

There is a variety show Autumn Moon They send three moon cake Roy Wang said: "I was a child more round," I saw his childhood photos I remembered that sentence.

 Roy Wang 264.png

But Roy Wang never said, Roy Wang himself said: If you really can come back, I still choose to go, why people have an extraordinary end of life?

 Roy Wang 317.png

To pay and return is proportional to, may have lost the love of childhood, but he got more sincere support from strangers and love. See Roy Wang has always insisted not give up his dream, every bumpy experience, the growth path has not been flat, everyone will grow up alone, but fans will always be.

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The fans said: Now you can not call a kid. But I hope you have been laughing like a child. Can be naughty, can be spoiled, can be loved by us. Roy Wang refueling, take good care of yourself, do not let mother worry, we will always support you!

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