Warm heart sheep Lay (entertainer) knows that there are pit in good faith, revealing that the second child is very cow breaking, fans urging on account?

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Lay (entertainer) , who is playing the role of officer Luther in " The Founding of An Army ", is handsome, amazing and completely free from the characteristics of young sheep. August 1 in Weibo also wrote: "Fortunately," The Founding of An Army "played a soldier, so the feelings of this military establishment is even more different. On the occasion of the 90th anniversary of the founding of the army, at This tribute to the military soldier tribute to the revolutionary martyrs!

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In the fifth issue of " GoFighting, " Lay (entertainer) showed that a warmhearted gentleman is decisive as a sheep's shaft, knowing that the task is "pitless" and still preferring to defeat himself in the pit's honesty, trust and goodness. Part in the program in order not to hurt partner Yao Chen , the initiative said Yao Chen "Yao Chen sister, you may follow me, you did good eating and drinking, is not reconsidered together?" Always adhere to the "life perhaps complicated, but when you The choice of innocence, the world has also become easier with us "principle of the art of entertainment in the enjoyment of others, but also a person in the kitchen to get dirty living. Efforts to pay in exchange for a bowl of fragrant chicken noodles, still did not forget to share with the staff. Weslie John , who makes a direct speech , is so effortlessly hardworking . Netizens even commented that "his good is able to see, from the inside out, it is very good. Red by virtue, know the world is not the world, Lay (entertainer) of the gentry character is convincing"

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6 Lay (entertainer) is published in the microblogging "second child really cowardly" and released a music drums and rhythm full "Lay (entertainer)" style, with the music beat, revealed The second album is being polished. Fans heard the music section is a fryer, and look forward to breaking off the second child, and urging "hurry up account!"

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