Hip-hop in China' Hip-Hop finally peeled off the mask and turned out to be his

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"China has a hip-hop" hip-hop finally masked, the original really is him

Saturday, hip-hop finally peeled off the mask, the original is really his: hiphop man MC Jin , and now MCjin since exposes the mask as Yi Xin Tang Zhang Ruoyun announced romance, we all know the secret finally made public, including MCjin himself Also relieved. Being a hip-hop world's top singer or character does not have to participate in the competition to prove himself, is itself an idol worship of other peers. This is like Jacky Cheung simply not used to "China New Voice" game is also recognized as the song. Why does MCjin wear a mask to participate in "Hip-Hop in China?"

In hip-hop, you have to admit that MCjin's status is higher than Kris Wu 's, but outside of hip-hop circles, people who know MCjin certainly do not know Kris Wu, so Kris Wu is a starbuilder Wu. freestyle Kris Wu Choosing MCjin to his team helped him as much as MCjin helped himself.

MCjin, born in Miami, Florida, USA, in 1982, also loved pop music in Hong Kong before reaching the age of 14, especially singer Jacky Cheung. But when he heard a rap song, he started to study Hip Hop Music ). In creating rap songs, MC Jin finds his Freestyle Rap talent. When he was 21, he beat consecutive six-week winner Hassan on the weekly "106 & Park" on Black Entertainment Television's radio show for "Freestyle Friday "champion, boarded the program's celebrity list. This is just the beginning, there are many bovine dazzling results, we ask for your own mother.

How can one join such "Hip-Hop in China?" In addition to the program group's invitation, the loneliness of top level people will always have some reason to motivate them to make some decisions. For example, the promotion of hip-hop music, such as when the height of a group of people with the same fun and the same exciting stimulation of the game, another example of their own kind of self-challenge: from scratch, once again summit.

In the first episode of "Hip-Hop in China," there is one of the few rap songs in MCjin's rap: "I've been using English rap for over 20 years and I know my skills have not expired. Ready. A few lyrics Many fans or industry insiders have already guessed his identity, but we all enjoy the process of such a game, so no one to break through, privately or eat together, write songs, photo, The stage is still cool, to achieve their own musical dreams.This masked man and GAI, VAVA, TT, Ai Fu Jie Ni, PGone Magnet, Huang Xu let everyone understand the charm of hip-hop music, and their purpose to achieve it ?

Saying a Broughed raised seven mop mills (joking), what happens to MCjin after removing the mask? Do you like him like this?

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