Yang Yang (actor) into a pan, fans said very distressed

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Recently, Yang Yang (actor) burst into tears at the road show because of a movie. An actor who received much injustice in public tears? Said men have tears do not flicker, men have gold knee, the former " SongofthePhoenix " producer Fang Li knees for courtroom to increase row volume, the country uproar, Director Wu Tianming left the song "SongofthePhoenix" finally got the attention, and now Yang Yang (actor) cried, Xiaobian as "wool", my heart is really not taste.


Yang Yang (actor) Military origin, strong personality, entertainment even if there is no greater pressure on the job will not easily bothering, this time can not control his emotions in the movie when the tears of tears will definitely not be " Play "a bitter drama, want to promote the film Bo. He is probably the heart was too aggrieved, the film is a team effort, now word of mouth, the box office are unsatisfactory, criticism of the voice are on their own, there is a mouth but hard to tell, this "pot" is too large, the back Really is not very easy up.

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Do not know how many people still remember the drama " Love O2O ", when Yang Yang (actor), Zheng Shuang (actress, born 1966) is the masculine gender leader, Yang Yang (Actor) played in the play Shawnai how many fans Heart, let Yang Yang (actor) red together. This shows that Yang Yang (actor) acting skills, there is absolutely no problem shaping character ability. Later, the film "Love O2O" released, Jing Boran and BABY starring, when the movie version of a release, but also a variety of being compared to be criticized, Jing Boran as a male leader should now Yang Yang (actor) a fight ; Most of the people are preconceived, not to mention both the TV version of the drama are well-made, cast positioning accuracy of actors, and acting on the line, the film will inevitably suffer losses, coupled with the movie due to the length of time limit, the rhythm of the story , The form of performance inevitably different, if the film itself and then make some rough, men and women can withstand the pressure of the film version can be imagined.

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Yang Yang (actor) Since then had the courage to take on the role of "Night Watch", and in accordance with their own understanding to interpret this heavenly crown prince, Now, no matter whether the brick or the brick-and-mortar criticism is worth mentioning, or the "Sanli Santi 10 Turkish lira noodles," the stalker should be ridiculed for a long time, and he will have to bear it. I saw Yang Yang (actor) in the movie was arranged to cut fruit, ramen is also very distressed ah, the Crown Prince should not be like this.

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