Where are the 30 million paid Rosamund Kwan paintings' We're coming'?

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Three women in a drama, then three generations of women will be like? Fighting than pretty, Miyaki mind engage in small groups, or kiss a family? "We're here" Conference held in the third quarter, let us see the answer . The third season's star guests are Rosamund Kwan , Xin Jiang , Michelle Chen , Yi Xin Tang , Victoria Song and Shen Mengchen , who can be said to be representatives of the three generations of female artists from all walks of life across the Taiwan Strait. Everyone has their own topic attributes The controversial fear is Rosamund Kwan.


Rosamund Kwan was born in 1962 and is 55 years old this year. Many people now see Rosamund Kwan feeling really beautiful. Beauty is beautiful, but like a vase, temperament at all; plus Rosamund Kwan in addition to emotional gossip in recent years, there is no film and television works presented; this Rosamund Kwan, online burst out joining us, "the third season of Remuneration is 30 million, with what? Do feelings of consumption so valuable, or Yan can be so capricious!


Speaking of self-willed, have to say that the newly released movie " Once Upon a Time " (hereinafter referred to as "Sansheng"), in the word of mouth box-office double harvest " Wolf Warriors 2 " hot case, "Sansheng" can At the premiere of the day to get over one hundred million box office, owes its thanks to Liu Yifei and handsome cool Yang Yang (actor) God fans and student party. However, friends who read the film "Sansheng" said that he was somewhat disappointed. Liu Yifei should be as pictured above. Yang Yang (actor) should be handsome. Unfortunately, ...... and direct training and preparation me two Picture .



I was shocked, this is this ... ... what are the ghosts, the bride styling why there is a kind of studio look at the direct effect? ​​Our Yang Yang (actor) became Tongzhu second? This is obviously not the promotional film .


It now appears that the drama version of "III" is really made of conscience. Ugh!



Liu Yifei, Yang Yang (actor) handsome handsome woman can not be so trauma ah! Investors and their efforts to make money star effort, it is better to concentrate on the production, Details of the point of strength. Tianle bursts, Xiaobian lightning to also.

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