Wolf Warriors 2', why Wu Jing (actor) is passionate about military affairs?

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The " Wolf Warriors 2 " is hot throughout the country. The special forces cold front shown by Wu Jing (actor) shows the Chinese military's responsibility, responsibility, perseverance and courage to sacrifice, as well as being at risk and adversity And the omnipotent fight is all bloodletage, adrenalin boom. So that users after watching the movie passionate said: take, brother, to the military!

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Two years ago, " Wolf Warriors " was already the box office dark horse, winning the acclaim of countless fans and recognition of critics. Wu Jing (actor) said that it was his exhausted seven years of hard work, the script easy to draft, experienced the hard life of many years of military life pregnant! However, only two years Wu Jing (actor) has launched the "Wolf Warriors 2 ", its ambitious scene, the filming of hard outsiders can appreciate, then why Wu Jing (actor) is keen on the military theme of the film?

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Wu Jing (actor) said that it was caused by the catastrophe in 2008 that year. After he went to the disaster area to do volunteer work in Wenchuan Earthquake , he witnessed those 18 and 9-year-old People's Liberation Army soldiers dressed in muddy uniforms to rescue The victims, sometimes sleeping in the humid side of the road, the Jagged People's Liberation Army, self-discipline so that he was very touched! Think of the popular social kind of neutral beauty, feminine beauty so that he felt so great contrast, he considered it necessary to take a Chinese contemporary Military film and television works to show the rigid beauty of Chinese men, bloody beauty and dare to play a big love and responsibility

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Of course, "Wolf Warriors 2" is only a trigger for the PLA issue. The just-read "August 1" military parade really shook the people and even the whole world! The Chinese military tells the world with what is going on in the mountains: what is a majestic warrior and what is a mighty warrior. The uniformed ranks of the Chinese army and the determined expression of the military forces have greatly inspired a US online friend: this is definitely the most powerful army

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Wu Jing (actor) said at a press conference of "Wolf Warriors" that the film is dedicated to pure Chinese men and women's love letters, yes, so who do not love? , Good man to be a soldier!

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