Miss Hong Kong beauty this year, the top three guessing guess: pure and pleasant, half-breed, or wealthy daughter?

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The annual election of Hong Kong sister-elect has already seen a total of more than 100 reporters. In the eyes of the general public, Miss Hong Kong is not as good as one year a year. The Hong Kong sister in the memory of the public should be beautiful like Michelle Reis , elegant like Angie Chiu , Beautiful, but this year's Miss Hong Kong it? Dinosaur , Aunt, Voldemort, cosmetic face, apple muscle, stiff eyelids everywhere, ah, called a spicy eyes, it is a hard thing.


According to that the blue and win Yu Lan , people's living conditions are getting better and better, physical fitness, artistic accomplishment, cultural conservation is also improved from generation to generation, the offspring should be more beautiful than the predecessors is, even if the appearance is inferior to predecessors, Temperament "should also be there. However, these applications are from there, are the real beauty are not bothered to participate in the beauty pageant? If you insist on "heath" beauty in the heap, this is also some, the media has more than 100 people for the public Pull out the most likely to become the top three of a few.

插图3:23elsie chan.JPG

The first, 23-year-old Elsie Chan, graduated from a U.S. university. In Hong Kong, has often participated in Huiyan elegant set party. Many people may not understand "Huiyan Elegant Set", which is a charity in Hong Kong. The founder is Zhu Lingling, the mother of Huo Qigang, Guo Jingjing 's mother-in-law and former Hong Kong sister. Elsie Chan is a bit of a background in general who can attend this charity event.


The second is a 23-year-old Nicole Wu, studying at a US university, a bit like the SHE combo HEBE Hebe Tien , looks sweet. According to the sun on the social software point of view, the family is very good.

插图5:23nicole wu.JPG

The third is 24-year-old Kelly Ng, regarded as the current super hot. Mixed-race, young enough, sporty, energetic, and starlike , like Bea Hayden and young Cecilia Cheung mixed.


There is also a younger sister Zhang Bao Xin, who is said to be the last "Friendship Miss" Zhang, who is also a wealthy family. His appearance is brilliant.


In fact, every year Hong Kong sister selection, want to choose a set of wisdom, beauty, figure, one in the talk of the championship, because the winner will be selected on behalf of Hong Kong to all over the world for goodwill and promote Hong Kong, imagine if Hong Kong's image representative No appearance, no talent, even if the gold and silver jewelry hanging over what is the use? So even if every year Hong Kong sister selection has insider, black material, but selected Hong Kong sister is also basic trickle. Even if not much outstanding this year, Barry pick one is there, alas.

At this time of year, it is also the best time for those veteran Hong Kong sisters to be pulled out and seductive in their early years.

1, the most beautiful sister: Michelle Reis


2, style Miss Hong Kong: Maggie Cheung


3, Wisdom Harbor sister: Amy Kwok

插图10:智慧港姐- Amy Kwok .jpg

4, sexy harbor sister: Chingmy Yau

插图11: Chingmy Yau .jpg

5, Glamorous Hong Sister: Cherie Chung

插图12: Cherie Chung .jpg

A lot of beauty, ring fat Yan thin, early Hong Kong natural sister, so is the most beautiful; although the beauty of the heart, everyone, but please cherish their pure nature, even if the years will make the face of change, but also Will be more and more beautiful!


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