In order to get her out, the entire cast moved around her house, and no one dared to say she was a big shot.

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To get her out, the entire cast moved to her neighborhood, but no one dared to call her a big shot

You may not be familiar with her name, but you've seen her in movies and TV shows. You remember that with your partnerBenny Chan (actor)Was the star of "Search God Biography", better known as "the razzies"? There is Another century, a popular TV drama, in which she plays zheng siyu. Those friends who often watch Hong Kong dramas may see her frequently on the screen, namely Linda Chung.

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Linda Chung not only has a good image and temperament, but also her acting ability is not to be underestimated. A lot of films and TV plays are also outstanding. In 2004, she signed a contract with TVB after winning the contest for miss Chinese international, and acted in the first TV series AlltheBest. In the second year of her career, the leading role of "as time goes by" won the 2006 million stars awards ceremony leap forward female artist award. She is one of the luckiest women who has never run the gamut, and most of the roles she has won have been significant in the series, such as heart of greed, Another century and many other excellent works.

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Linda Chung's 14-year career was low key, but she had a happy family despite a tepid career. Despite two failed relationships, Jeremy, who is married to her husband of 13 years, has become a princess.

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It is said that some netizens have revealed that Linda Chung's behavior of playing a big suit after marriage is really gone with the wind. It turned out to be this: Linda Chung, a new born baby mother who wanted to put family first and was reluctant to part with her baby, didn't start acting. However, TVB really wants to bring her back to show business. The film side of the hit show "another time" is really optimistic about her. In order to allow her to film and take care of the children, she moved the entire production crew to her home nearby, the crew is also no one dared to say her big name!

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Today, Linda Chung is pregnant with her second child. The excellent performance in Another century is also well liked by the audience. Small small make up expect to have the appearance level to have the acting skill Linda Chung to be able to give birth to two treasures smoothly, at the same time after raising good body can continue to bring us good work!

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