White rabbit outsmarts wolf fan zhang' north bay people

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Linkeddb News December 4& have spent by Qi star Director, Li Xuejian , Lily Liu Lai Lai , Yuan Du , Fan Zhang Such as the TV series" North Bay People "Is currently on CCTV 8. Since its inception, the play has described the emotional connection between wei dazhuang and his family with exquisite shooting techniques, showing the mild warmth in life and the sour, sweet, bitter and spicy, which adds warmth to the winter and is loved by the audience. Fan Zhang in the play as wei GUI su new office encountered a lot of obstacles, to solve the problem of fruit from the mainland to wait for the cooperation unit comrades, colleagues advised her to take shelter from the rain, wei GUI su directly put the umbrella off dominously said: "tell the comrades of the cooperation unit, I am here to wait for them. They don't come and I don't go anywhere. "seeing this scene, Fan Zhang was praised by netizens." Fan Zhang is so arrogant!" It's also a tribute to his breakthrough acting skills.

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In the latest plot in the development of the beibu gulf project for a tackle on a small piece of mangrove caused dissatisfaction with the local people WeiGui Sue superior MoChengLin escape liability for the traveling directly to the question is just the new WeiGui Sue, to face the mess WeiGui Sue didn't give up go to site to understand the details and to find the designer husband LuZhiWei discuss two people out of one of the best compromise to solve the matter. Wei GUI su still regards mo chenglin as the elder on the job at this moment and the example on study, little imagine oneself had fallen into the trap of this big bad Wolf, whether small white rabbit wei GUI su sees through the trap of big bad Wolf mo chenglin, how should she maintain on duty field "original heart"?

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Stay tuned for North Bay People, a TV series on CCTV 8 that AIRS at 19:30 every night. & have spent

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