The sand sea' series' yang rong 'has launched a search for people and attracted interest.

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Star relationship news: adapted from Xu Lei The novel of the same name is jointly produced by penguin film and television, nanpai pan-entertainment and visio li. Lei Wu , Qin Hao , Yang Rong (actress) Starring in the season's show Sand Sea "Is currently on tencent video. In last week's episode, Lei Wu After being stabbed in a mysterious iron box while hospitalized and mysteriously missing, the doctor, Yang Rong (actress), began an anxious search for li.

Yang Rong launched the "search for people" and Internet users interesting interaction leads to a boom

In the plot of last week, li tuo and wu yi are still out of touch in gutong jing. Liang wan is unaware of this. So before this week's series was updated, Yang Rong launched the social networking platform to post a story about li and her interesting interaction with netizens. Many netizens wrote: "he is not lost, he is in gutong jing with Wu yi." "come and help Dr. Liang find li @lei Wu Leo ."Lei Wuhimself commented on the weibo account of Yang Rong, "who am I? Where I am?" It caused a lot of excitement and made the audience more excited about the following story.

Liang wan was praised by Internet users for his "advanced doctor" and "eye skills"

In the plot last night, liang wan and su wan meet to discuss the case of li tuo, only to be told that li tuo was robbed and badly hurt. However, when she returned to the hospital, liang wan tried to contact su wan again, but she found that su wan was also missing. At this time, she was told that she had been awarded "advanced doctor" due to li tuo's case. "Yang Rong was doing this with her life, and I shuddered," she said. "Yang Rong has beautiful eyes and she has' eye skills, 'which is the real actress."

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