Happiness Trio' Chen Jianbin Contrast Meng User: I didn't expect you to be like this "emperor"

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"Happiness Trio" Chen Jianbin Contrast Meng netizen: I did not expect you to be such a "Emperor" Intimate relationship reality viewing program "Happiness Trio" has been exclusively launched on Tencent Video on July 4, 2018. This program has three fixed guests. Barbie Hsu Xiaofei Wang , Qinqin Jiang Chen Jianbin and Fukuhara Ai Jianghong Jeff Wadlow . "Happiness Trio" truly records the natural life of the two worlds and shows the most happy life with "smoke".


Three couples stayed in a beautiful village with a beautiful environment and scenery, opening a pure two-person world. Since the premiere of this program, the three couples' different modes of engagement have attracted the attention of the audience. Many topics have become hot searches on Weibo, such as Da Sjiao and Jiang Hongjie Taiwan...




Especially Chen Jianbin, many netizens said that they were circled by Chen Jianbin. Chen Jianbin staged a contrasting Mengle, and the netizen said: I didn't expect you to be such a "emperor"...












"The Emperor" Chen Jianbin's image on the screen is mostly calm, but in the program it shows the child a naughty side. When cooking in the program, Chen Jianbin opened the “broken mind” mode, and the onion was cut into a diamond shape, and the cucumber was constantly emphasized without peeling.



He also took a variety of fruit "tune" cameras, and showed different styles from the emperor Empresses in the Palace . He couldn't help himself with a microphone, and he was "disgusted" by Qinqin Jiang.



Chen Jianbin and Qinqin Jiang have been married for 12 years. The two sides have become the most intimate people in each other, constantly learning to be tolerant and discovering each other's highlights, as Jiang Qin said. "When his temper is good, he is especially good, he makes the temper. It also makes you particularly hateful, but it seems that after so many years, you will know him, and you will know that he may be that moment, that is, then, he will have a better time to take care of you, to you. When you are in love."



Recently, Qinqin Jiang gave birth to a second child safely, and the family of three rose to a family of four. The husband and wife are also showing the ordinary happy life to the audience while they are funny, and feel the warmth in the ordinary life. Next, Chen Jianbin and Qinqin Jiang will show the audience what kind of life picture to show, and continue to pay attention to this program "Happiness Trio".


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