Qin Hailu Qian Wan Jiarong Lv Lyrics They were praised as the new four big Tsing Yi's on the screen.

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Qin Hailu Qian Wan Jiarong Lv Lyrics They Are Praised on the Screen

Tsing Yi is generally a virtuous wife and mother, and a chaste woman. Most of them are dignified, serious, decent, and stable figures. In entertainment circles, there are many such Tsing Yi, Zeng Li , Zhang Jingchu , Qinqin Jiang , and Miao Pu were recognized as the four representative figures of Tsing Yi, and today, Qin Hailu, Qian Wan, Jiarong Lv, Lyrics and others rely on accurate Actress and lively works were praised by netizens as the “New Four Great Tsing Yi”.

Qin Hailu Chen Weiting full screen sweetly

Qin Hailu plays the big “beauty” of the underworld sister in the hit TV series “ Only side by side with you ”. She not only responds in black and white, but also in the business world. He plays with Chen Weixi and plays with each other. There is no sense of violation and the two can be hooked and swayed at times, sometimes tearing away words, and in short, Qingqing me, full of affection, and Qin Hailu also become the new four big Tsing Yi by virtue of this role.

Qian Wan Wee Yanzhuang Gravity Rejuvenates Hyundai Public Awareness

In the hit drama " Three Kingdoms hidden dragon in the Yuan ", Queen Qian Fu's Queen Fok Shou was most surprised by the audience. She portrayed herself as a victim of impertinence or domineering or hard or soft character. Just right, Fu Shou with a woman's soft body assisted the emperor against the Cao's group, in the face of the deceitful ministers, she was dignified and dignified, turned the tide, refreshed the user's perception of the inherent empress. Qian Wan also became the role of the new four big Tsing Yi.

Jiarong Lv has a strong sense of protagonist aura

Jiarong Lv plays Jiang Zuo Ming Xiu Hongyu in the hit TV series “ If life meets you ”. It is full of style. They are always graceful and graceful, allowing the audience to feast their eyes. As the second female, she brings the protagonist aura, pointing the country, the background becomes The mystery is too strong. It is praised by the audience as the most colorful character of the play. Many netizens also said: "We are obsessed with ruthlessness and indulge in Jiarong Lv." Jiarong Lv is also promoted as the new top four Tsing Yi by virtue of this role.

Lyrics successfully promoted two films

The youthful comedy film “ Nice To Meet You ” starring Lyrics is in the movies. In the film, Sandee Chan played by Lyrics is cheerful, funny and funny. It restores the youthful appearance with the image of ghosts and horses. The memory of young memories, and another Hollywood film “ Pacific Rim: Uprising ” is also her wonderful performance, with these two roles, Lyrics strength became the new four big Tsing Yi.

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