"Uncle Mother" perfect tears tonight, "trick-set" attracts new heights

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May 8, 2018, by CCTV, Xinghai Lanhai Film & Television Culture Group Co., Ltd., Guizhou Radio & TV Station, Beijing Jingweixing Film & TV Culture Media Co., Ltd., Shanghai Yangyu Culture Communication Co., Ltd., Guizhou Flute Film & Television Media Co., Ltd., and the Communist Party of China Anshan Municipal Party Committee Propaganda Department, Huaying International Film Co., Ltd. and Chongqing Divider Ares Film Media Co., Ltd jointly produced the product. The CPC Chongqing Municipal Party Committee Propaganda Department and the CPC Guizhou Provincial Party Committee Propaganda Department honored the production. The national director Xi Xin directed and the young screenwriter Meng Jie created, the realist actor Tang Zeng , Duo Zhang , Lin proudly , Man-lei Wong , Real , Liyun Wang and other realist theme drama " Uncle Mother " ended successfully in CCTV-8 golden file.

It took 18 days to accompany the people. The nationals had no choice but to bid farewell to the audience tonight, but Cheng Cheng’s road to growth did not stop. “The relatives who are close relatives are worse than their parents and mothers are not as good as mothers.” Stagnation. Thanks to the theme of flying and the jerky story, "Uncle Mother" has won a good harvest of ratings, and has been ranked first in the CSM National Network. The audience rating is 1.89%, the audience rating is 7.65%, and the highest rating of a single episode is 2.13%. This achievement was not incidental, and it was reported that the average ratings of 2017 "Uncle Mother" on Shandong TV's Qilu channel reached 10.51%, with an average share of 25.12%, and the peak share was 52.8%, ranking the 2017 all-star non-superstar channel nationwide. Annual "play king".

Uncle Mother’s ratings continue to top the list, Cheng Cheng’s confession ignites tears

Since the opening of the TV series "Uncle Mother", the story of the orphan daughter Cheng Chengcheng left by the Third Family Brothers Resultant Force has affected the hearts of viewers inside and outside the screen. Faced with the death of their parents and the death of their eldest sisters, Tang Zeng plays the role of the boss. He is determined to provoke family burdens. He not only has to drag the prostitutes Cheng Cheng and his younger brother, Jia Guliang (Lin proudly), to face emotions. The abuse of heart. Eryang Jiayang (played by Duo Zhang) has been a free-spirited character since childhood, but he has always been full of affection for the family and foreign prostitutes. Miyajima (played by Lin proudly) suffers from meningitis amnesia in order to save the niece, but even if he forgets the world, he will not forget the protection and affection of the foreign prostitutes.... A scene between the three eccentric characters and the 80-year-old niece. The moving picture of the screen and warmth has given a few strengths to the circle and the heat continues to heat up.

Just tonight, Ruan Chengcheng will face the most difficult choice, whether it is to choose whether to take care of raising the embarrassment of growing up, or whether to follow his father’s life in full-fledged food. The three embarrassments will prompt Cheng Cheng to make a decision... Each of her decisions will affect the hearts of countless viewers. Every choice and every barrier in the play represents love in the ordinary life. What does Cheng Cheng who has a special growth experience make? A copy of the answer?

The rave reviews of the audience bluntly: see the first three episodes in tears

Many "Emotional Dramas" of "Uncle Mother" have appeared one after another. The wonderful story has also helped the success of word of mouth and viewers. The network has received more and more praises, and the number of webcasts and ratings has continued to climb. Everyone feels the drama is quiet. Give the soul a shock.

"Uncle Mother" was praised by netizens as "textured", "connotative" and "hammered inward". The viewer's evaluation was almost "zero difference".

Celebrate human love, Fu Xiaoyang of Xiao Da Zheng, and compose a new chapter in Xiao Da Zheng

For many years, the flute female media has always taken the responsibility of observing the social responsibility of the film and television people as its own responsibility, and adopted positive energy as the first element of the selected works. Fu Xiaoyang, the general manager of Federico Media, is a cultural expert of the Propaganda Department of the CPC Central Committee and a “four batch” talent who enjoys a special allowance from the State Council. He jokes that he is “small, bold, looks like Zhou Zheng and meets the absolute standards of Xiao Dazheng”. He said: "The film and television works have a wide range of social influence. The flute women media as a film and television production company carries a social responsibility. We have an obligation to pass positive energy through our works and influence and guide the values ​​of the audience." Therefore, military personnel were born. When he chose his work, he was full of responsibility and a righteous attitude towards the soldiers!

From " Sister " " My mom mom and dad " "Uncle Mother" to " How far is going home? " to come to CCTV-8, the flute women's works are often dominated by the ordinary people under the background of the times and sing in life. The emergence of truth, goodness and beauty shows society and the changes of the times in a small way. It is not only close to life, but also above life, allowing the audience to gain inspiration and gain positive energy in the process of watching opera.

"Uncle Mother" reflected in the three family members and family members of the family from the 1970s to the 1980s, reflecting the impact and influence of reform and opening on ordinary people's lives. "Everywhere, it directly hits the viewer's pain points, and it can arouse the public's value recognition. Passing positive energy through a sense of identity is also a constant effort of the flute female media.

In November 2017, the Happy Blue Ocean and the flute female media formally held hands. The flute female officially became: Happy Blue Ocean flute female media. As a company listed directly under the Jiangsu Radio and Television Group, Happiness Blue Ocean regards the selection of TV drama themes, and like the flute women, they agree that positive works, mainstream values, revolutions, ages, emotions, and other works that reflect the characteristics of the times and promote the main theme of the society are compatible with the company's philosophy. , Business complementarity, or the promotion of future development, happy blue ocean and flute female media are the best partners. This merger and acquisition is called by the industry as a turning point of positive energy for the media sector in the past two years.

The strength of the actors to join, deliberately interpretation of the span of nearly 20 years

"Uncle Mother" is starred in by powerful actor: Tang Zeng, Duo Zhang, Lin proudly, Man-lei Wong, Real, Liyun Wang, etc., interpreting the age span of nearly two decades, in addition to highlighting each age in the performance The special state of the figures also shows the unique charm of each stage.

The three aunts and two aunts grew up in a circle of strength: the people are good people, the people are good aunts, the coolest aunts, the atypical prostitutes, and so on. This is due to the actor’s respect for his profession. Learn your own character and use your life to interpret your work.

Farewell to "Uncle Mother", "How far is going home?" is coming soon

"Uncle Mother" is about to close, but the audience does not need to feel sorry. Just in May, still directed by the national director Xi Xin, the TV series "How far is going home?" starring the cast star Xuejing Yan and To Suen will soon be on the CCTV-8 golden screen. Human truth, once again staged!

Just tonight, let's make a final farewell to the "Uncle Mother"! We also wish that Xiao Chengcheng and her three members will move toward a more warm and happy new life.

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