Haiyu Zhang “Nice To Meet You” is released today, the comedian new king struck

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Haiyu Zhang 's first film " Nice To Meet You " was launched on various national theaters today. The film was directed by Gu Changwei, starring Hongming Luo , Lyrics , Haiyu Zhang, Zhou Chuchu, etc. Ming Fan and Wenli Jiang were featured. A nostalgic comedy of youth.

Haiyu Zhang In the film, he plays the humorous and warmth of the high school “back-seat schoolboy” Xie Lun, and Zhou Chuchu's art student Zhou Xiaomi composes the “Chaixixi CP”, bringing the audience an incomparable moment. love story. This is Haiyu Zhang’s first challenge to a high school sports student. He has experienced a series of “unconventional operations” such as jumping in the river, dancing in Africa, and zebra kissing in the film. His performances are also full of comedy talent.

At the same time, Haiyu Zhang's drama "Underwater" was also staged in the small theater of the Tianqiao Art Center. The curtain was opened at 19:30 every night until April 1. The play was directed by Xu Xiaopeng, and Lei Tian , Haiyu Zhang, Li Zheng , Chen Xi Xu , guitarist Xiang Xiang, and the hit design Ng Ho jointly performed.

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