Our shining days' officials say a new cast of stars behind the cast is expected!

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Linkeddb News October 19& have spent The movie Our Shining Days "After the release of public praise, is a youth film model. Recently, it was produced by iQIYI, co-produced by liubai pictures and one line pictures. Jingjing Bao Writers, Wang Ran Our Shining Days, directed by iQIYI, is officially announced. Starring zhou still, hao fushen, Tianyu Sun , Li Ming Yuan, ni ke xin, ju ke er, Wang Xin Yue , Jane , Shuang Wu Make a formal appearance on the diploma. "Our Shining Days" is set to cast its young stars at the age of 11. A piece of Zhang Qing The naive smiley face makes netizens feel "extremely comfortable" and they are looking forward to the updated content.

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& have spent The original behind the scenes, new people starring the continuation of "flash" classic expectations full point

The TV series version of "Our Shining Days" is jointly created by screenwriter fang Bao and director Wang Ran, and the production team of the film version is invited to escort her. In order to maximize the contract theme, the producer of this bold use of new people, fully show the warm blood youth should look. Among the main characters, Lu Xu As the yangqin player Chen jing, zhou still played; Peng Yuchang The drummer is played by hao fushen. The piano prince is played by Li Ming yuan. Guzheng player "master qian zhi" was cast by Wang Xin Yue.

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It is reported that in order to help the new cast get into the role as soon as possible, the crew stipulated that in the three months of working together, all the actors must use the role Ming each other, hoped that the actors bring themselves into the role completely, really listen to really see really feeling. I also invited the instrument teacher to teach in the team, which is good enough to see the strict attitude and professional spirit of the whole team.

& have spent Battle upgrade, blood upgrade reproduce the flash inspirational youth drama

"Our Shining Days" mainly tells the inspiring youth story that nerve girl Chen jing forms a band with bromeo and her friends to fight against western music. Audiences who have seen the film believe that they are all impressed by the "folk music, western music hot blood battle" which concerns face and feelings. In this version of Our Shining Days, such battle will also be upgraded to bring the audience a hearty experience of watching the drama. Meanwhile, due to the limited time of the film, many wonderful stories cannot be carried out before, such as Chen jing, frayed friendship and unfinished CP line, etc., will be spread out this time to make up for the previous regrets.

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The TV series' Our Shining Days will continue to be updated based on the film version, wang said Yu An The love lines of Idol and teacher also keep fans excited. At the same time Chen jing, such as oil residue growth line will be rich.

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