The Legend of Four Kings in Hong Kong has not been surpassed

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The four kings of Hong Kong must be no strangers to each other. Although all of them are now getting older, no one can deny what they had created in the past. To date, no star has surpassed the myth created by them that year. Even now, they are still a legend, a representative of an era, and a person who is honored as the “Four Heavenly Kings”. Then when did the four kings “enclose themselves”? How did they come to an end? When did they end? What happened to their respective lives after the end? Why did the four kings never go beyond one another? It's for everyone.


1. The birth of the four kings

The birth of anything is inseparable from the background of its time. The four heavenly kings are no exception. Of course, whether it is time to build a hero or a hero to create a situation that we do not go to the depth of investigation, after all, sometimes it is difficult to explain. Just as Napoleon made France a super empire spanning Eurasian and non-Continental during the French Revolution, this is the time when this hero was created, or if the heroes created that era, it was really not a time to be able to speak. Xiao Bian believes that no one can escape from the era in which he lived. Based on the background of the times, analyzing the reasons for the birth of the four kings can have a more objective understanding of this issue. In this regard, how do you think about this issue?


The 1960s - The Age of King's Birth

The four heavenly kings were all born in the 1960s. They were born just at the beginning of the development of television. For example, Kennedy of the United States was the first “television president” of the United States. At that time, Run Run Shaw and others established Hong Kong Television Broadcasting Co., Ltd. on November 19th, 1967. This was the first TV station in Hong Kong to obtain a free wireless TV license at that time. Therefore, it is generally called Hong Kong TV Station, and three-color. Taiwan, etc., is also known as TVB. No one thought that it was the establishment of an unrecognized TV station that had a certain degree of influence on the future four kings. Is there always a sense of coincidence in the history of wood?


The 1970s - The time when King opened the way

In the 1970s, Samuel Hui 's singing "Tower Lingyun" became the beginning of a Cantonese-language popular song. Before him, Cantonese songs were always labeled as "low" hats. His "Ghosts and Horses Double Star" and "Half a Catty" albums have enhanced the status of Cantonese songs and also created a new era in Hong Kong's culture to the world. It was also at this time that in 1972 TVB launched a training program for wireless TV artists. Perhaps TVB did not expect that then, many members of the multi-members who came out of this class would later become big stars in Hong Kong and the entire Chinese-speaking world, holding up half of Hong Kong and even the entire Chinese-speaking world, which could be described as the Hong Kong entertainment scene. The "Huangpu Military Academy." Of course, these have laid a certain foundation for the success of the four heavenly kings.



The 1980s - The Age of Kings

When time came to the 1980s, the Hong Kong pop music scene was a gathering of stars. Film and television have also achieved unprecedented development. TVB also entered the "Run Run Shaw era", which is also the best and fastest time for TVB to develop.


This year, 20-year-old Andy Lau successfully entered the 10th radio TV artist training class, and in the same year he appeared in the film "The OnceUpona Rainbow " and the first television drama " Farewell ", where he played the role of a woman who made a living selling women. Fighting Aaron, this TV drama received a special award from the American Television Festival.


This year, Andy Lau graduated as a TV amateur actor after graduating from Class A. In the same year, Andy Lau participated in " TheEmissary " for the first time as the actor became a hit and made his debut. Of the four kings, Andy Lau made his debut.


In 1983, thanks to TVB, Andy Lau participated in several highly rated TV series such as "The Legend of the Condor Hero" and " Ludingji ". He became a popular player of Hong Kong Wireless, and with Kent Tong , Michael Miu and Tony Leung. Chiu-wai and Felix Wong are also called "Wireless Five Tigers."



This year, the Hong Kong music scene had a big event: TVB began to hold the ten best songs and gold awards ceremony, and selected the top ten golden songs of the year. No one thought that this award would later become a prize that affects Hong Kong's entire music scene.


In the same year, Leslie Cheung became famous by taking "Wind continues to blow". The popularity of Leslie Cheung has had an important impact on the Hong Kong music scene and the four great kings.



In 1984, based on TVB's Top Ten Songs and Golden Songs, the Golden Melody Award and the most popular male and female singers of the year were added. At this point, Hong Kong’s most popular selection was born, which also means that fans have the biggest battlefield for idols.

This year, just as Andy Lau was booming on the television, 23-year-old airline employee Jacky Cheung participated in the “18 District Amateur Singing Competition” with unlimited desire for music and eventually won the championship with “Earth Day”. , And signed a Polygram record company, launched its own debut album, officially debut.


In the same year, TVB's artist training class was reorganized into artist recruitment, dance artist recruitment, and master of ceremonies. The training period also shrank from one year to six months. At the time, 19-year-old Aaron Kwok entered the TVB dance with friends on his behalf. The training class, after graduating several times, was accompanied by several big-name singers, among them female singers such as Anita Mui and Vivian Chow , who became “Wireless Ten Tigers”.



In 1985, Aaron Kwok was praised by the TVB artist manager Feng Meiji for her outstanding performance in the dance of Miss Bodybuilding. The same year Andy Lau expired with the wireless contract, encountered Waterloo in his career, and began to move to music.


This year Jacky Cheung released his debut album Smile.



In 1986, Run Run Shaw took the initiative to mediate, and both sides of Andy Lau and TVB reluctantly released their opinions and shook hands. This year, Aaron Kwok starred in TV series such as “Genghis Khan” and “ Taiping Heavenly Kingdom ” and he officially made his debut. However, at the time, Actor was mostly supporting actors and dragon suits, which did not attract enough attention.


In the same year, the 19-year-old Dawn returned to Hong Kong from Princeton University in the United Kingdom. Lu Yuxing asked him to participate in the movie and made him interested in the performing arts. However, this was met with strong opposition from his father, and finally his father at dawn. Said that if he can enter the top three, he can stay without having to return to the UK. As a result, Dawn attended the “The 5th New Talent Singing Competition” organized by Huaxing Records and Hong Kong Radio TVB, and won the third place with a “Absolute Voidness”, just without going back to the UK. After the show ended, Dawn signed Huaxing Records Company and officially debuted.


Although the four kings of the year have already made their debut, they are relatively unpopular. The most popular singers at the time were Leslie Cheung and Alan Tam . At this year's Top Ten Golden Song Awards, Leslie Cheung won the Gold Medal with “Resonance”, breaking Alan Tam’s two-year monopoly on the award. At this point, the epic matchup in the history of Hong Kong pop music, "Tan Zhang's Struggle for Hegemony," was staged here. After the award ceremony, the fans of the two sides broke out in large-scale gang fights. Thousands of Tan fans and fans lost their lives outside the venue. The scene was completely out of control. Leslie Cheung was trapped in the parking lot for a full six hours. Only get out. It can be seen that the chasing stars of that year are already very crazy.


year 1987

In 1987, Dawn was popular with the villain " The Sherson " in The Men .


This year, Aaron Kwok moved into a wireless artist training class to become an entertainer, graduating with first place, and was one of the ten stars of the wireless Galaxy at the time. Really powerful, our dancer!


This year Alan Tam was smashed by the media's “buy event.” At this year's Top Ten Song Awards, Alan Tam announced that he will no longer participate in the He Yin Music Competition. At this point, Alan Tam announced the withdrawal of the music.


in 1989

Alan Tam's withdrawal from the music scene had a great influence on Leslie Cheung and also brought him a lot of pressure. This year, Leslie Cheung announced a complete closure of wheat and will no longer sing. At this point, "Tan Zhang's hegemony" that straddles Hong Kong in the mid to late 1980s ended in this way. This means that the time when the two singers of the genius level could end up with six or seven of the top ten hits at the time also ended. Their withdrawal gave way for the four great kings.


In the era of rapid development, fans still hope that someone will inherit their glory again, and the four kings finally emerged.


2. The seal and end of the four kings

The 1990s - the era of glory and ending


1990 was a year in which the four kings developed rapidly. This year, Aaron Kwok ran to Taiwan to develop, because before this he has been a long-term role in Hong Kong, although he was debut but not famous. At the beginning of the year, Aaron Kwok shot a Guangyang locomotive DJ1-RR ad in Taiwan.


After becoming popular, she also appeared in the advertisement of love taste wave chocolate drink, in which the advertisement “You are my chocolate” is widely circulated.


Afterwards, he was invited by the manager Liu Yuci to invite Aaron Kwok to join Fulong Communication Co., Ltd., and in September of this year launched the first Mandarin-language album "Enfant Love for You", which opened his career career.


In this year, the first album "LEON" was released and won the Silver Award for the Most Promising Newcomer of the Top Ten Chinese Gold Medals by RTHK.


In this year, Andy Lau won the most popular male singer of wireless with the popularity and advantages of the movie.


Jacky Cheung became the star of Polaroid Records.


year 1991

In 1991, Jacky Cheung's two albums, "Can't Stop" and "A Never Changed Heart," swept the top three rankings. From then on, the Hong Kong music scene entered an era of buzz.


In the same year, Andy Lau launched songs such as “My Dream and My Chase Dream” and “The Last Song of Life” that not only topped the pop music charts of the year, but also became a classic song that has been circulating for a long time.



In this year, Dawn launched four albums, "Ye Ai Shi Yuan," "Tonight You Will Come," "My Feelings," "The Most Lost City," which also swept through multiple awards. Together with Andy Lau and Jacky Cheung, they are called "Three Musketeers."


In the same year, Aaron Kwok once again "rebounded" Hong Kong and launched Cantonese albums such as "Please Bring My Emotions Home" to form an upsurge in buying, winning sales of four platinum (1 million / one platinum). With his good dance skills, he captured the hearts of many people.



At the Hong Kong Awards Presentation in 1992, the songs of Andy Lau, Jacky Cheung, Aaron Kwok, and Dawn Four took possession of the seven-tier award at the four awards ceremony in Hong Kong and Mona Fong (the second wife of Run Run Shaw) called them "Four kings". This may be Mona Fong's words that he did not intend to call them at the awards ceremony, but was widely accepted by fans and the community. Therefore, the media and the outside world continued to expressly use the four kings to describe these four people. In the same year, Hong Kong’s then-published “Oriental Daily” used Buddhism’s “Four Heavenly Kings” to seal the names of Andy Lau, Jacky Cheung, Dawn, and Aaron Kwok, and attached an oil poem:

Andy Lau in front of the bed

Suspected Jacky Cheung

Dawn at dawn

Bow Aaron Kwok

Of course, regarding the origin of the four kings, there is a saying that Hong Kong's "father of the concert" Zhang Yaorong referred to the most popular male pop singers at the time as the "four kings". The result has been widely accepted by the public and has been used up to the nearest.

As Shen Congwen said in "Box Rock": "Who knows how people's history is written?" Is the origin of the four kings a sense of unpredictable things?

At this point, the era of the four kings was formally launched, monopolizing Hong Kong and even the Chinese music scene, becoming a microcosm of the music scene. Its influence quickly spread throughout the Greater China region and Asia, and has so far soared. That is, during this period, our country was born the 57th nationality - the Starchaser.


1993 - 1999 (Climax and Curtain Call)

In 1993, Jacky Cheung launched the second Mandarin record "Kissei", which sold more than 4 million records worldwide, breaking the highest sales record in many places. It was at this time that Jacky Cheung received the title of "Goddess". The singing career also reached its peak; Andy Lau's platinum album (with more than 50,000 sales) reached 60; Aaron Kwok's dance skills have been recognized by Asian countries and won the "Asian Dance King"; Dawn has also become the most affected. Welcome male singer. In the spring and evening of the year, the “Star Hunt” was a true record of the star-studded boom of young people at the time.


In this year, the Hong Kong performing arts industry “star for disaster reduction and poverty alleviation” arrived in Beijing, and the four heavenly kings were also invited to participate. This is also the fourth time that the four of them performed on the same platform after the “Big Four Heavenly Kings” title was crowned and performed at the same time. The City Hall sang "Youth Dance".


In 1995, Jacky Cheung performed 100 rounds of tour concerts all over the world. In the same year, he launched an amazingly-selling album “True Love New + Best Selection” with over 10 million copies sold, which is the highest-selling Chinese record in history; One year, Andy Lau sang “Lost Water” in the spring evening. Dawn appeared during this period, " FallenAngels " " CityofGlass " " EighteenSprings " and many other classic art films, he starred in the film " Comrades: AlmostaLoveStory " by the US "Time magazine" the world's top ten films selected for the 1997 second . Aaron Kwok also starred in "Romance Storm" and " God Of War " at this stage. Among them, "God Of War" was the Hong Kong box office champion with the highest score of 41.5 million, and Aaron Kwok also ushered in the peak of his first film career.

In 1999, as dawn announced its withdrawal from the music scene, the era of the four kings was over.


3, each fighting

After 2000, the four kings stepped into their own battles.

Andy Lau

Andy Lau constantly appeared on the screen, bringing us a lot of excellent works, such as " AWorldWithoutThieves ", "New Shaolin Temple", etc. This year, " Orient Wall Street " produced by Andy Lau is ready to release, and won before broadcasting. Word of mouth is red. Not only that, Andy Lau has more than 50 new albums as of 2010, and has been at the peak of the Chinese music scene. In fact, Andy Lau has won more than 400 music awards. As early as 2000, he has already been included in the Guinness Book of World Records as a Cantonese singer with a total of 292 music awards.

On the family side, Andy Lau has married Carol in 2008. On May 9, 2012, Andy Lau's wife, Carol, gave birth to a daughter. In March 2016, Andy Lau's wife, Carol, was pregnant with her second child. Hua Zi can be described as a double harvest of love.


Jacky Cheung

After the new millennium, Jacky Cheung played roles such as action films, comedy, art films, and pros and cons, and the pay was not high. Therefore, many people in the Hong Kong film industry called it “the most valuable” and “the best value for money”. "The strength to send actors. In 2002, he won the best actor award at the New Delhi Film Festival in India for his art piece “ July Rhapsody ”. In 2007, he left a fingerprint on the Avenue of Stars in Hong Kong. In 2010 he starred in " CrossingHennessy ". In 2015 starring FromVegasToMacau . In terms of family, he was the first of the four kings to marry. In 1996, he married May Lo in London, England. In 2000, Jacky Cheung's eldest daughter, Yiu-Wah Cheung, was born. In 2005, Jacky Cheung’s second daughter, Yiu-Huen Cheung , was born. Born. Now both of his daughters are already big, slim girls. In fact, Jacky Cheung held 105 "Students' Light World Tour" between March 2007 and January 2008, breaking the singer's record for series concerts through the Guinness Book of Records recognition. Now, Jacky Cheung seems to have become the "funer's nemesis," and many fugitives have been caught at his concert. Jacky Cheung responded humorously to the title of fugitive killer: Thank you for coming.


Aaron Kwok

Aaron Kwok also starred in many movies and television dramas in the millennium. For example, ColdWar is a dance artist who brings us more outstanding works. It is also this movie that Aaron Kwok once again ushered in the peak of his film career. On the family side, Aaron Kwok married the supermodel Fang Yuan and had a child. It is also a double harvest of love. Recently, Hong Kong media photographed Aaron Kwok fully armed, appeared on the streets, and bought lunch at Happy Valley. The majority of netizens guessed that it was for their wives Fang Yuan to bring a meal. It was simply a maddening mode of opening a pet wife.



Dawn has repeatedly won the Best Actor nomination for the Hong Kong Film Awards. In 2002, he won the best actor for the Taiwan Golden Horse Awards with "Three Returning Home." The film also broke Hong Kong's box office record in Thailand. The dawn of today is still active on the screens and has won numerous awards. In 2008, Dawn married Gaile Lok , but the marriage lasted only four years. In 2012, the two divorced. In 2018, Dawn declared himself to be a dad on a social networking site, but the specific wife who has always been a fan. It is rumored to be a 32-year-old female assistant, Wing, but neither side responded positively.


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