The movie "The Great High 28th Class" is on the line to wake up your youthful memories.

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Today, the online movie "The Great High 28th Class" launched by iQiyi, Hezhong Ruike and CFDG Shallots is exclusively available at iQiyi. The film was produced by the famous screenwriter Run Nian Dong , directed by young director Yao Xue, starring Liang Zhenlun , Wang Hao , Wulin , Fu Xiaoxian, Tingwei Liang and other new generation actors. It is the top ten works of the CFDG Shallot Project and the second one. The first work to be launched in the plan. The film tells the story of ordinary high school student Zhang Junjia's harvest and growth during the filming of "Terrorist Microfilm".

High 28th class is on the line, showing the most authentic 17-year-old youth

The ultimate preview of the previous exposure is a fusion of blood and hilarity. The male master took the small crew members in the rain to shoot and run against the camera, and "you come here to film, just to see yourself in the past seventeen years." "The high-burning lines are all bloody; and the screaming chickens in the classroom and the screaming chickens in the class have contracted the audience's smiles. The ultimate poster for the first exposure today chose the horror elements in the highlights. The blue arms in the foreground, the dignified expression on the faces of the characters and the blood on the body are in great contrast to the fresh and bright background. What kind of story will the film show us, and how does the “flower shirt man” with the camera’s horrified expression have a relationship with the classmates? Please find the answer in the online movie today!

Zhang Junjia, the male protagonist of the film "The Great High 28th Class", is an ordinary high school student of Luzhou No. 1 Middle School and High School. He loves movies and loves fantasy. He often dreams of being chased by zombies. Taking advantage of the school festival, Zhang Junjia decided to shoot a horror micro-movie with a campus theme with his friends, and invited him to be the heroine of the school flower Huang Qiaoyu. Just when Zhang Junjia overcame the problem of uncoordinated actors and insufficient funds, the pressure from the school and his family made the small crew on the verge of collapse. This kind of plot design also made the 17-year-old youth in the film more realistic. Then, can Zhang Junjia succeed in shooting, what unexpected things will happen when the festival comes? let us wait and see.

Road show reproduces puberty CFDG "shallot plan" top ten final line

The film "The Great High 28th Class" has carried out roadshows in colleges and universities in major cities. The emotions of the students have been drawn by the film plot from beginning to end, following the story of the protagonist in the film or laughing, or crying. After the screening, the students said that they had seen the "most unconventional youth film", "there are novel horror elements, and there are no lack of touch and tears", and "unexpected reversal of the plot." The scenes filled with basketball courts, mathematics classes, playgrounds and auditoriums made the students feel more cordial, and the members of the film crew overcame the difficulties and insisted on shooting the bloody gestures as if they led them back to their own "17 years old. "These feedbacks have made the audience's expectations for the film even higher."

As an investment producer and exclusive online platform for the film, iQiyi has gathered a large number of young users who love youth through the continuous deepening of youth content in recent years. The temperament of the film "The Great High 28th Class" is very compatible with the audience of iQiyi. What's more worth mentioning is that the film is still derived from the top ten works of the CFDG Scallion Program. It has a dual platform of high-quality platform and experienced industry insiders. I believe this film will bring us different surprises this summer.

The film "Awesome High 28th Class" will be launched exclusively at iQiyi today, bringing you back to the midsummer of the age of seventeen, to retain those beautiful memories of youth.

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