North bay people premieres its first tender modern drama with a new look on sunday

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Linkeddb News November 30& have spent by Qi star Director, Li Xuejian , Lily Liu Lai Lai , Yuan Du , Fan Zhang Such as the TV series" North Bay People "Will appear on CCTV 8 this Sunday (December 2) at 19:30 p.m., three episodes a night. Actor Fan Zhang plays wei dazhuang in the play (Li Xuejian is acted the role of) the youngest daughter wei guisu, the cadre of level of the main hall, rigid and upright, devoted to the public of her body to continue the father of a "decent". Fan Zhang has been a member of the Empresses in the Palace "Played by" shen meizhuang "and" Simei people As the "south" and so on a number of ancient costume hit TV wen wan dignified image is deeply rooted in the hearts of the People, "eyebrow little Lord zhuang" has become synonymous with its, "the North Bay People" as the first modern dramas starring Fan Zhang, she said: "after watching the show hope everybody can have a new understanding to me, more below me, looking forward to you after show what they thought of it!"

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"The North Bay People" is the first in China characteristic socialism, the background of new era around beibu gulf in guangxi open development environment of TV series, is a great significance in the small incision, the realistic novels, the play with the Fan Zhang played "WeiGui Sue was back office to begin a series of" small to big family to guangxi autonomous region of the society as a whole style and features of soft touching story, which she and father Li Xuejian what happens between "father and daughter of love", and Zhaoqi Shi What kind of love and estrangement does the husband lu zhiwei that plays have again?

Stay tuned for North Bay People, a TV series aired at 19:30 PM on Sunday (December 2) on CCTV 8.

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