The spirit and the meat of the central eight hot broadcast Luo Lina writes purely with the window feeling

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Yang Zhen Kam , the famous Chinese film and television producer, is the chief screenwriter and artistic director. The famous TV drama director Jian Lou is the director. Calvin , Sun Qian , Chin Han, Tielong Shang , Yi Zhao , Xiaolei Huang , Jian Wu , Landy Li , Lorina, etc. The outstanding drama actor starred in the TV series " Ling and Meat " on June 17 at 19:30 landing CCTV-8 gold strong file premiere. Among them, Liu Lin, a high school student played by Lorena, and Landy Li, who plays Calvin's daughter, staged a pure classmate and sisterhood.

The play is a tribute to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the establishment of the Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region. It was adapted from the famous novel by the famous contemporary writer Zhang Xianliang . It is a joint venture between Ningxia Film Group, Jitai Film Group, Western Huarong, West Film Group, and Zhenjian Film Group. Film and television production was completed. According to the briefing, the play takes the theme of "Chinese Dream" as the main thread and "keep the dream and create brilliantness" as the main thread. With the cultural connotation of "a cultural sentiment and a desolate price," the drama has shaped the cultural personality of the protagonist Xu Lingjun. The builders are highly concise in the historical process of dedication of youth and life in the development of the west. They tell that the intellectuals of the new generation of Chinese adhered to the ideals and beliefs during the difficult years, transformed the ruins into spectacle with culture, promoted the realm of the people with art, and used the power of knowledge. The legendary story of changing destiny, obtaining success, and creating miracles reflects one of Ningxia's great changes and brilliant achievements in the past 60 years.

In the hit drama "Hou Gong Biography", actress Luo Lina plays the high school student Qian Liu in "Ling and Meat". She is a naive Alyssa Chia, understanding, and established in the play with Landy Li, who plays Calvin's daughter. He has a profound sense of classmates, often solves problems for her, and feels the contradictions and changes of the new generation of intellectual families and the development of the times. They support each other in the difficult years and adhere to the belief of learning and ideal struggle. She said that Qian Liu is an image of Chinese traditional well-behaved high school students. She is hard-working, kind, helpful, and confident in any difficult life. She hopes that through her role she will create an unforgettable impression on the audience. And beautiful. In addition, Lorna plays Xiao An, a young school idol drama " Hug you through the sea " who has entered the social family from college to become a beautiful woman in the workplace. The show will also meet with the audience and hopes to bring more and better movies and TV shows to the audience. .

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