She is chow yun-fat's ex-wife, her second marriage and her husband's 17 years of betrayal.

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She isChow Yun - fatAfter 17 years of betrayal, his ex-wife is back in the spotlight

Candice Yu Born in Hong Kong, China Hong Kong actress and singer.

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Candice Yu was one of the most eye-pleasing vases on the small screen in the 1970s and one of atv's hottest bouquets. The beautiful Candice Yu, 16, was invited to join TVB in the first film, LetsRock ", formally into the entertainment industry. Candice Yu in 1976 Adam Cheng , Liza Wang Co-star in the first TVB film Jin Yong Martial arts drama" Book sword envy record ". Candice Yu plays the kind, brave and faithful "Xiang Xiang (singer)The princess became famous because she was loved by the audience. Later, she received numerous opportunities to become a heroine, bringing many classic works, such as DeathDeul "," TheSentimentalSwordsman "," Yitiantulongji "And so on.

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Candice Yu's career on the smooth, love life but very sad. She's had two marriages, and they all ended badly. She had a relationship with Chow yun-fat, and they met and fell in love, known as showbiz Golden Boy Herself. Two people in love, also in the attention anticipation, entered the palace of marriage. However, the marriage lasted only one year, with a sad ending. It is said that the reason for the couple's divorce at that time was the revelation of their affair with many female stars, and Candice Yu could not stand the gossip and finally divorced. She has since become the guilty woman of Chow yun-fat, but Candice Yu says the past is gone and that even when the two are together, they may not be happy. Chow Yun fat and Jasmine Tan We stayed together for 27 years, loving each other as before.

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Candice Yu spent everything in her second marriage. Candice Yu married li wanqi, who works for an advertising agency, in 1987. After marriage, Candice Yu chose to retire from the movie business for the sake of her family for nearly 17 years. After marriage, the two had two daughters wenqi and wenqian, happy and happy. Unfortunately, Mr. Li's business was declared bankrupt because of mismanagement. Candice Yu remained loyal to li wanqi and the family faced difficulties together. Candice Yu Shared the joys and sorrows with li wanqi, but could not resist li wanqi's flower heart. The couple, who have been married for 15 years, are divorcing again after a string of scandals.

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In 2003, Candice Yu chose to return after 17 years of retirement to study in a foreign country for his two daughters wenqi and wenqian. She has appeared in "king kong" and"ROB - B - HOOD"," 2Young Excellent films such as I want to be famous. I want to be famous, starring Candice Yu as an agent.Chi Chi -"And was nominated for best supporting actress at the 26th Hong Kong film awards. Although "the years don't rao a person", the year lead the Candice Yu to want to take the leading role's opportunity to be few and little naturally, but this keeps neat short hair "beautiful and beautiful aunt", no matter plunge into which in play match, teach a person to be unable to ignore. Back after the divorce Candice Yu acting mature old road, confidence, the vitality and charm of the body.

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Candice Yu, 59, is still hot and charming, and her daughters have inherited her good genes. The three are the same as sisters. Although the daughters do not enter the entertainment industry, they have a career they like, married to love, happiness, for her to earn enough face. Small make up also expect old play bone Candice Yu can continue to bring us good work

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